Fox print bag and a marathon

Last week was pretty eventful. It included some sewing, some knitting, and a LOT of running.

My latest sewing venture is this nerdy fox animal print bag. The future is going towards a ‘plastic-bag-free shopping’ experience. So why not have some fun with it!! This week I challenge you to use market bags and go shopping plastic-free. Every small step will make a huge difference.


This is a great market tote and can carry a lot of weight with its handles sewed in all the way.


This week was one year since my last Marathon in Chicago. So me and my husband have been training for the Melbourne Marathon (which was last weekend). It was an incredible experience. and usually after every marathon (this was my third one), I feel like I have it out of my system and am not sure I want to do this all over again. But this year I felt really good and am really inspired to do better for my next race, hopefully next year.


Have a great week everybody!!

Furnishing fabric for market bags

As I get into sewing some more, I’ve really enjoyed using furnishing fabric as it is super thick for market totes. Here are the ones I’ve been working on this week.

Red gingham bag

I learnt sewing the market tote on youtube and made considerable changes to the pattern. At some point, will definitely share the pattern for it as a more detailed blog.

Pink stripes bag

But here is what furnishing fabrics look like as bags. I buy these fabrics from IKEA and Lincraft. You can find their collection of fabrics online.

Dog print Blue bag

These bags are super sturdy as their handles are sewed in all the way to the base. I think that a contrast of white handles brings out the design of the bag a little more.

The idea is to be able to repurpose unused curtains into bags and use them for groceries. Reduce the use of plastic today. Let’s be more conscious towards the environment together! Please ship me some of your unused furnishing fabric and I can repurpose them into bags for you.

Coming up I have an exciting knitted shawl project to start and my first quilting project underway.

Have a great crafty weekend.






13 ways to be ecofriendly

It’s official that the earth has crossed its point of no return levels of carbon dioxide concentration which was 400 ppm. What this means is that across the globe there will be at least 400 ppm CO2 level which is the highest ever recorded and doesn’t seem to be going down.

It has become crucial now more than even to be more conscious of the environment. Little steps taken by each one of us can lead to great impacts.

Some of the common ones include:

  1. Carpool, Bike or use public transport to work.
  2. NO disposable cups for coffee.
  3. Please turn the lights and air conditioning off for rooms not in use.
  4. Please switch off your computers each night and unplug them.
  5. Pack your lunch and don’t get a disposable container.
  6. Cold water for laundry
  7. shop online. (although I think that packaging can also contain a lot of plastic). Alternatively, you could do you own shopping and not use plastic bags.
  8. Don’t print unless necessary.
  9. Shower for two less minutes.
  10. PLEASE don’t buy bottled water. It doesn’t make any sense to use these plastic bottles one time and toss them out. Imagine how many bottles you throw away in a day. It will save you $$$ and time to switch to a water purifier. (I know that you may recycle your bottles, but it is better not to use them in the first place. Only 1 in 5 bottles are recycled)carbon-foot-printweb
  11. Use cloth towels instead of paper towels in the house. They are hygienic, easy to wash.
  12. Create a compost bin for wet waste and start composting.
  13. Try to be vegan or at least vegetarian for a few days to start. About 20-50% of the greenhouse gas emissions is produced by livestock farming. It is an immense amount of carbon dioxide. Try to reduce your meat consumption and look for vegan options.

And before you ask, I am not able to do all of these myself. But my friends and family know, I am crazy about wasting paper towels, bike to work, and now using plastic bags. But will try to be as careful as possible. Let’s be mindful of things we do for convenience and think how it impacts the planet for future generations.

On the bright side, last weekend I volunteered at the living green festival. and I realized how many people are aware of these things and are taking a step towards being kinder towards the planet.

Have a great clean beautiful weekend.





Sew happy!

We have moved and are now living in the land down under. I continue to knit and crochet, albeit  infrequently, I have found a new love. Sewing!! I always wanted to learn sewing.

My mother, a sewing expert, has been an inspiration. I wanted to start of with basic sewing skills. so I got a relatively inexpensive IKEA sewing machine SY. It has been pretty useful so far and I hope that it continues to work well. But I am loving the process of sewing and have decided to start my online store in Australia on


The whole process of starting this store with cloth and market bags is about my passion about being more ecofriendly by reducing the use of plastic from the environment. Living in the US, I realized that I generally used so many single use plastic bags and disposables that it was very wasteful. A perfect example of this was, milk chugs being double bagged as they hold the weight, just to be able to carry it a few steps to the car and from the car to your kitchen.  In 4 of 7 Australian states and in 17 of 50 states in the US, so far there is a fee on single use plastic bags at the grocery stores. Even with these regulations in place, over 10 million new bags are used each day in Australia. The cost of these bags add up to about $100 million a year, which is added to your grocery bills.

Reusable and re-purposed bags will be able to save you $$$ and the environment and is the future shopping. Fabric bags can be folded up and carried with you to the store, come in a variety of colors and sizes. You don’t need to have a plastic bag containing a lot of plastic bags in your house. Get rid of the clutter and start using renewable cloth bags. Its time to be less wasteful.


At this store, you can find a lot of cloth fabric bags. I am also repurposing old fabric into bags. You can fit in a lot more items into each bags. It WILL be possible to make one trip from the car to your house. The handles are sturdy enough to hold a lot more weight than a single use plastic bag.


This is the only investment you need to make and you can help reduce a lot of plastic and help handmade businesses.



Have a great weekend!!

Crochet Ripple Blanket No. 3

Hello People around the world,

Here is the blanket I made in Australia. I made this for a friend. I have a couple more lined up which I have to get to quickly. This has been my favorite pattern and its been so long since I worked on this pattern. It feels amazing to have been working on this.



Let me give you some deets on this blanket:

Pattern: Attic24 Neat ripple pattern. This is a free pattern that comes with a tutorial (for real!! If you are a beginner crocheter you can try this beauty).



Lincraft double knitting and esther yarn

For the DK yarn I used US size H crochet hook and for the esther yarn I used US size G just because the yarn thickness was a little different. That made the blanket a little uniform in tension.

Finished dimensions: 32X40”

I also personalized this blanket using the crochet alphabets pattern by Moogly which is also a free resource.


Have a great crafty weekend.