Solid squares Crochet Blanket No. 4

This time I wanted to make a pixelly blanket I as trying to look for good color layouts. Finally played around with Word little bit and used this color arrangement. I really like the way the colors have turned out.

I used a join as you go, as I have in my previous blanket and this one, only this time I used two rounds of the color.



Caron Simply Soft yarn

Ocean, Blue Mint, Robin’s egg, Sunshine, Mango, and Pumpkin.


Finished Dimensions: 21 X 31”


This blanket is now available on etsy.


Have a colorful week everyone.


Staggered Chevron Knitted Blanket No. 3

I couldn’t resist making another blanket in these cherry blossom colors. Design seeds is a great site for me for finding really good color combinations. Here is what the cherry blossom colors looked like. Check out this site. I follow it on instagram and it is such a wonderful color inspiration.These look so beautiful together and I thought I’ll really blend well when used in this pattern.


I used this Free pattern available on ravelry for this blanket which I have made twice before in various colors (here and here) just because it is so fast and really uses the colors well.



Caron simply soft yarn in the colors,

Off-white, soft blue, soft pink, strawberry, and watermelon.


Edging: It is a simply crochet edging with one round of double crochet and one round of reverse single crochet.


Hope you enjoyed this post.

This blanket is now available on etsy.


Have a great weekend.


Solid Squares blanket No. 3

Here is my latest ultra soft blanket.

I made this using Redheart Unforgettable boutique yarn. Being variegated, I liked the way they got crocheted into squares. The pattern is super simple and I’d highly recommend it for a beginner crocheter and also if you want to try out different colors. I really liked the way the colors played out using this yarn. The yarn is single ply, I tried knitting with it but that did not go very well. I loved the way it crocheted.


Here is the link to the pattern and I used the join-as-you-go for joining. And these are the two other blankets I’ve made before in different colors. This one uses join as you go technique for joining, while this one uses continuous-join-as-you-go technique for joining.



RedHeart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in the following colors:

Candied, Tidal and cappuccino

US size G Crochet hook.


I did the squares with 4 rounds and joining them in the last round. I alternated each color and staggered them through the rows. I have 6 squares in each row and 8 rows.

Finished Dimensions: 28X34”


This blanket is available on etsy.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Textured stripes Knitted Blanket No. 3

I am loving doing these monochrome blankets for a custom order. They define the pattern so well.

Here is the third textured stripe blanket. This is where you can find the free pattern. I have made this in two different color combinations before. Here is the ravelry link for that.

I just used white, two shades of grey and black for this and went for the gradient.

Finished dimensions: 32X39”



Have a great colorful weekend everybody! :)


Staggered Chevron knitted blanket No. 2


Tomorrow is hump day but not here at ANC HQ. Everyday is fun-filled. I usually post my completed beauties on the weekends but I could not wait till the end of the week to share this with you. If you follow me on instagram (@anerdycrocheter, wink wink), I have been sharing progress shots of this blanket. I love this pattern which is available for free on ravelry.  It is super fast to make. I have made this before in shades of blue and wanted to make it in baby girl colors this time. I think this pattern looks best when there is one contrast and gradient of a color (at least three shades of one color). It really blends well and the contrast pops out nicely.



Caron simply soft,

off-white, limelight, soft pink, watermelon and fuchsia.


Finished dimensions: 27X30”

Edging: one round of double crochet in ivory.

Have a great rest of the week!!!