Open Star Knitted stripes baby blanket

Hello beautiful people,

After a short but eventful break, I am back to the world of knitting and crochet. I always carry my knitting during drives whether it is 30 mins or 9 hours. Since I have been traveling, I carried a knitting project with me for the flight and they proved to be good company. After a lot of research turns out you CAN carry knitting on flights. So this blanket was ideal as it didnt have too many colors or too much pattern. The pattern is easily memorizable and does not require constant attention.


The pattern involved an open star stitch. It is a super easy stitch.

R1: K2 *YO K3 (pass the first stitch of the last three over the other two). Repeat * across.

Even rows are Purls.

R3: K1 *YO K3 (pass the first stitch of the last three over the other two). Repeat * across.


This blanket pattern has four colors

Color A: 10 rows of open star stitch

Color B: 10 rows of stockinette stitch

Color C: 10 rows of stockinette stitch

I repeated this in the order of colors I wanted. you can basically use an color and also use random color combinations for this. I really like the texture that this stitch gives and stockinette balances it really well.



Caron simply soft yarn in the colors of grape, orchid, mango and off-white.

Finished dimensions: 25X34”

Edging. I gave a garter stitch edging of 5 sts.


Have you ever knitting while traveling? share your stories with me.

This blanket is now available on etsy. Have a great week ahead.


Crochet Cozy Stripes Blanket

Hello fellow crafters,

Hope you are having a great New Year. This is my first blanket in 2015. Hope you enjoy it. This is a part of the beautiful Attic24 crochet CAL. This is such a wonderful pattern to work on.  You can work on so many colors for this.


Here is the link to the pattern.



Caron simply soft Robin’s egg, blue mint, ocean, off-white and lemonade.


Finished dimensions – 30X36”.


This blanket is now available on etsy.

Have a great new year everybody.


Neon squares!

Hello People! Happy holidays to you. And hope you are having the most wonderful time of the year!! The best thing about this time of the year for me is gift of time to work on projects and traveling that you can do. Thankfully the winter hasn’t been too bad to hold us indoors all week. So I was able to make some progress in a couple of projects in the last few days.

I got this amazing neon yarn on sale and have been loving working on them. These bright hues are amazing to work in the night (except for joining, which i did in black).


This pattern is great for beginner crochet, not only do you not have to count the stitches, but you can try different types of joining and colors. Here is the link for the pattern. I have used this joining method in my earlier shaded circles blanket. They are joined by tight joining method but I went around with a double crochet in a continuous join-as-you-go method.



caron simply soft yarn – neon pink, neon yellow, neon coral and grape.

Joining is with black yarn.

Edging. I did one round of double crochet and one round of  reverse single crochet for edging.


Completed dimensions: 26 X 41”



This blanket is now available on etsy.

Hope you have a great time with family and enjoy your holidays!

Knitted chevron blanket no. 5 – off-white, grey black and maize

Here I am working on my chevron again! Have I already told you how much I love this pattern a million times.

No wonder I’ve made five blankets from this pattern. I usually work this pattern in a gradient and a contrast color. I used the same technique this time except I used neutral colors but it looks so beautiful. Absolutely love the way it has turned out. It brings out the Black (I know right, you can use black in a blanket) so well. this is the first time for me using black in a blanket.



Caron simply soft yarn in colors of off-white, grey heather, black and autumn maize.

Edging: I gave a special yet simple crochet edging with one round of double crochet and one round of single crochet in the back loops in off-white color.


Finished dimensions: 25X 35”


This blanket is available on etsy for $30.00 only. I am off to visit family for thanksgiving!!! What are your thanksgiving plans? Have a great holiday!


Snowman and a Snowy Wreath

Winter is here to visit us early this year. We’ve already had some snow. So I wanted to put in a nice jinglebell-y wreath on the door. and added a snowman to complete it.

Photo Nov 17, 10 34 18 PM

The pattern for the wreath is really simple and free by attic 24. The only modification I did is to add bells in every color stripe. You can learn how to add bells by looking for tutorials to add beads into crocheted work. it is super easy but it took me a little time because by bells didn’t have a hole big enough to fit my tapestry needle. :(. so I threaded them manually. and once it is ready you can sew them together on the wreath.

Photo Nov 17, 10 35 03 PM

The pattern for the snowman is here. it is super duper fast and fun to make.

I have just pinned the snowman on the wreath with a couple of T-pins.

Photo Nov 17, 10 45 23 PM