Textured stripes Knitted Blanket No. 3

I am loving doing these monochrome blankets for a custom order. They define the pattern so well.

Here is the third textured stripe blanket. This is where you can find the free pattern. I have made this in two different color combinations before. Here is the ravelry link for that.

I just used white, two shades of grey and black for this and went for the gradient.

Finished dimensions: 32X39”



Have a great colorful weekend everybody! :)


Staggered Chevron knitted blanket No. 2


Tomorrow is hump day but not here at ANC HQ. Everyday is fun-filled. I usually post my completed beauties on the weekends but I could not wait till the end of the week to share this with you. If you follow me on instagram (@anerdycrocheter, wink wink), I have been sharing progress shots of this blanket. I love this pattern which is available for free on ravelry.  It is super fast to make. I have made this before in shades of blue and wanted to make it in baby girl colors this time. I think this pattern looks best when there is one contrast and gradient of a color (at least three shades of one color). It really blends well and the contrast pops out nicely.



Caron simply soft,

off-white, limelight, soft pink, watermelon and fuchsia.


Finished dimensions: 27X30”

Edging: one round of double crochet in ivory.

Have a great rest of the week!!!


Knitted Necktie

Did you know that you can possibly KNIT a necktie? I didn’t know either till one of my colleagues requested for one. It was the most fun project, it does feel a little endless after 50 inches. The last three inches. But the end result is worth it.


I used fingering weight yarn for this. And here is the link to the free pattern by LionBrand. It is pretty straight forward and since there are not a lot of stitches to work, it works up quickly.


Knitpicks stroll fingering in sapphire heather.

US 1 knitting needles.

Finished dimensions about 54 inches blocked.

I was also trying my hand at calligraphy after almost 15 years. I am loving it and can’t get enough of it.



Crochet solid squares blanket No.2

Here is the third blanket in monochrome series.

This is a quick crochet pattern. For this I used white and three shades of grey. I took this project with me while I was traveling and it was so convenient because you can join the squares later. I made the little squares with the first three rounds and joined them while doing the fourth round.

Photo Jun 18, 8 40 59 AM

The most interesting part of this project is I used Random granny square generator (which I highly recommend for such projects). Here is a snapshot of what mine looked like.

So I really followed this arrangement mainly because I am not that good with random.

I have used this pattern before using neon colors. This time I used joining as you go instead of the continuous-join-as-you-go (CJAYG) that  I have used before.

The CJAYG uses the same yarn color to join all squares while the JAYG method you join the squares as you make them in their last rounds.



Caron simply soft, white, grey heather, charcoal heather and black.

Finished dimensions :32X39”


I loved making this Custom blanket. Now onto the last one of the series.


Knitted chevron blanket no. 6

As I talked about in my last blog post, My latest custom order is monochrome blanket but a all the different patterns possible. It is so wonderful to work on.


I have made this blanket in a number of colors before (neutrals, pink and teal)  and love this pattern which is super easy and fast to work on.


Colors: Caron simply soft yarn,

White, grey heather, charcoal heather, and black.



Since I have been out for a while, I have been working on my 3rd of four monochrome blanket set. It is coming up soon. :)