Thanks giving and more bags!

There are so many things to be thankful for, including this opportunity for me to be able to make a difference, to create new beautiful things, to use my life to the fullest potential, and to be able to serve as many people as possible. (Yes, I have been reading too many entrepreneurial and self improvement books lately! ;)).

This Small Business Saturday, support handmade products and small businesses. Try giving some handmade items these holidays to your family.

I am in the process of stocking my store for loads and loads of tote bags. These handmade bags make great presents and can be used as grocery bags, knitting project bags, beach bags, and gym bags. Here are some of the latest creations. To view them all visit my online store at Etsy and Madeit!!

Peacock tote
Geometric floral tote
Fall Colors Tote
Owl Bag
Painting print tote

Check these out today!! Thank you for saying no to plastic!

Have a great crafty weekend.



5 ways for a eco-friendly shopping

Save the planet!! I know it is a cliché and we have heard it so many times. We hear it from someone each week. But do we take some small steps, really small teeny tiny steps towards saving our planet?

This  blog post is not to give you a guilt-trip that you are not doing anything to nice towards the environment, but to make you aware of the consequences and give you hope that there is a way to revert back to the thriving planet we once were.

I was born and brought up in an urban-setting. I hail from one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Less than a decade ago, I remember my father going to get groceries with his own cloth bag (he still does) and getting fruits and vegetable in the bag. The fruits were fresh and were immediately sorted and put in the appropriate storage at home. Fast forward to today, EACH AND EVERY ITEM at the grocery is wrapped in plastic. I have bought these potatoes, and never gave this a second thought. But with our busy lives it very easily becomes one less thing to worry about.


We have taken convenience to a whole new level, so much so that the inconvenience to individually unwrap these potatoes for use feels okay than to go without plastic.

So here are the promised 5 ways of eco-friendly easy shopping:

  1. Use cloth bags.
    • You can go without completely without plastic bags with your own market bags and be able to carry a lot of your groceries back from the car to the kitchen in one trip. Yes it is possible.
      A Nerdy Crocheter


  2. Try to buy it in bulk.
  3. Avoid individually wrapped meals.
    • one time use brown Rice containers, one time use cereal, one time use low-calorie meals. The keywords are ONE TIME USE. Why would we use anything one time and throw it away where it goes to trash and stays there forever? Think twice about the next disposable coffee cup you use. Please don’t use these cups at home. just to save yourself a few minutes of setting up the dishwasher? No, it does not justify that. Next time carry your awesome travel mug everywhere and carry your lunch box.
  4. Consume less meat per week than before.
    • A lot of the climate change has been attributed to not only plastic usage and fossil fuel consumption but a livestock production. Even if not for the planet, consumption of only red meat is not very good for your health. Try to reduce meat consumption, your body, the planet, and the animals will thank you.
  5. Use public transport, bike, or walk to work/grocery/workout.
    • There is one way to burn less fossil fuel by actually burning less fossil fuel. Use the bike or walk to work. Again your body will thank you for the exercise. Are you fed up of the pollution in your city? are you moving away into the suburbs to get away from that? And if you drive a car? You may be responsible for that pollution. Okay this is a little bit of a guilt trip!
    • You could use your bike for the next grocery trip and not take your car there.
    • There are so many bike2work programs. In Australia, here is the link where you receive a lot of information about biking to work everyday including short trails, maps, and tips on weather and traffic.
  6. BONUS: Wrapping holiday gifts
    • This holiday season wrap your gifts in renewable gift wrapping papers instead of the plastic ones. There are so many reusable gift bags out there and they make beautiful gifts and suggest that you were thoughtful.
    • eco-alternatives-livingethos-gift-bags-537x272
      Picture Source

This world is such a beautiful place, and we have a responsibility to take care of it.

Have a great crafty weekend. Let me know how you are making a difference.

Quilting season

Last month I planned to take sewing to the next level. All this time I have been using linen or thick cotton as a fabric for my bags. The prints and colors available for those are pretty limited in comparison to the ones available for quilting. Whoa!! there is so much variety of print available for quilting it is pretty crazy.

For a few friends, with due dates in november I decided to venture into making baby quilts. I chose very easy freely available quilting patterns. and got started with what I always do, Chevrons.

My first baby girl quilts has three main fabrics, binding and backing in a fourth fabric.

Here is the tutorial and pattern for this quilt.



My second quilt was for a baby boy and I chose a fat quarter pack from Lincraft and got matching backing and binding fabric.


This is the quilt pattern I used for this quilt.

I have really enjoyed making quilts. But I quickly realize that there is so much to improve upon as not always the squares match up. Won’t stop me from making more of these beautiful bundles in all possible colors.

Have a great crafty weekend.

Trellis print bag and pouch

This productive week I worked on super exciting fabrics.

After watching the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, ‘Before the flood‘, (which is available on youtube to watch by national geographic for free for a limited time), I am so terrified for what climate change has in store for us. But it also brings hope that small things can make a lot of difference and revert the changes in the environment. It is so easy and tempting to go for convenience like plastic bags, to-go containers, go the extra mile and refrain from using plastic bags. Try to reduce meat consumption in your diet, it will be the wiser choice for your health and the environment.

On a lighter note, make you grocery shopping super fun with this Trellis print bag and a small convenient pouch that it comes with.


It is a tote bag and you can use it for a lot of purposes, including as a swim bag, market bag, knitting project bag, or gym bag. It is super convenient can handle a lot of weight with the handles sewed in all the way.


Hope you have a great crafty weekend.


Pink triangle market tote

This fabric is so refreshing and bright. It was so much fun working on this.

This pink triangle bag is now available on my madeit store.


It has a wide base for holding more items and the white contrast handles are sewed in all the way down to the base of the bag making them really strong and durable.
It is perfect for fitting all your knitting and crochet yarn, storing fabrics and, of course, for getting a lot of groceries from the store.

Hand made bags are of size 33 cm X 28 cm X 15 cm. (not including straps)
Thick 100% Cotton Fabric. 100% renewable.
Machine washable and dry-able.
Made in a smoke-free and pet-free home.
Looking for gifts <$20? Useful as Gym bags, knitting projects bags.
Customize it with different colors and sizes.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

Go plastic bag free today!