Crochet bold stripes Mini blanket

This is a next bold stripe blanket. I am in love with this pattern and can’t seem to help myself but work on it. I have loads of color ideas for this one. This is a mini blanket in purple. It is the same color trend as before but in shades of purple.

This is the link to the previous blanket in shades of Blue and where you can find the pattern. This is essentially a moss stitch in crochet, which is super simple and super fast.


Caron Simply soft yarn in the colors:
Passion, Grape, Orchid, Grey heather, and charcoal heather.
Finished dimensions – 11×17″
This blanket is now available on etsy.

Have a great weekend guys!


Crochet Bold stripes Blanket

Hello there,

This is the first time I am trying this color block style blanket in crochet. For this I used a crochet stitch (Moss Stitch).

Moss stitch:

Ch2 – *Sc1 and Ch1* repeat till end

Ch2 – *Sc1 in the ch1 spaced below and Ch1 * repeat till the end

You don’t have to count the foundation chain stitches and can make it as long as you want the blanket to be wide. For more detail instructions on Moss stitch, you can find it here by the very talented cypress textiles.

I used colors for this blanket that are bright and vibrant so the grays would bring those out. This blanket doesn’t really need an edging. I think it looks complete even without it.12552295_1708015679444039_1248955213_n_medium2

Materials –

Caron simply soft yarn in the colors – Ocean, Blue Mint, Robin’s Egg, Grey Heather, and Charcoal Heather.

Finished dimensions: 20 X25”12547121_717984511670860_639488299_n_medium2

This blanket is now available on etsy. Have a great weekend everyone!


Knitted Chevron Miniblanket

This is one of the miniblankets I made in this new color combination. This reminds me of lemonade and summer.

If you follow me at all, you know I have used this pattern a number of times. I really love this easy pattern and have made it before in various colors. So here you go.

Pattern: Chevron baby blanket



Caron Simply soft white, lemonade, limelight, and Kelly Green.

US Size 7 circular knitting needle.

Finished dimensions: 16X19”

This blanket is now available on etsy.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Crochet Hearts Miniblanket

Here is my crochet Mini blanket. This is a small sized blanket which is good for baby shower gifts as a new born blankets and security blanket for toddlers.

This blanket pattern is one of my favorites and have made it a number of times before. I usually use a gradient of colors for this pattern in the background of white or off-white. Check out  some of the other blankets in this pattern here in pink and here in blue.



Caron simply soft yarn in orchid, grape, white.

Finished dimensions: 16X19”


This blanket is now available on etsy. Have a great weekend everyone.

Diagonal stripe knitted MiniBlanket

I have been making Miniblankets this holiday season. What are Miniblankets you ask? These are small 16X20” blankets which are perfect for new born babies to toddlers (as security blankets) and for the knitter/crocheter in me, these are perfectly sized for making a bunch of different colors as testers. These are the cutest things and I could keep making these forever.You can expect a few more blog posts of ‘mini-blanket-nature’ coming up soon.

For this blanket I used the diagonal stripe blanket pattern that I have used before here and here in pink and modified it to make it smaller.



Caron simply soft yarn in white, royal blue, soft blue and limelight.

US size 7 circular needles.

Finished dimensions: 16X19”


This blanket is now available on etsy. Hope you have a great weekend.