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I am sure this has happened to most people involved in crafts. When you learn a new craft, before you know it you have loads of finished products filling up your closets. You may also have gifted those to lots of people on various occasions. I experienced a similar story. I made another crochet piece and I thought I’ll gift it to valued person. The surprise and appreciation I received made me feel warm and nice. So I started designing my crochet projects to fit some occasion or the other, be it birthdays anniversaries, mother’s day etc. Although I have been crocheting for only 5 months now, all this is now snowballing into me frequenting the arts and crafts store. I started buying material and experimenting with colors. A whole set of crochet hooks and threads later, I was all set to start making a variety of gifts for people. This time I chose to experiment with the shape a little bit.

I got this pattern online (By Lee Ann Hamm). From this project, I learned to change the shape of the doily by increasing or decreasing blocks at the end or the beginning of the rows. As I pointed out in my last post, filet crochets are represented in graph which are basically composed of blocks and open spaces. For this doily, I used a 4-dc mesh.


Aunt Lydia’s Classic crochet thread

Size 10 Color:Shaded purples

1 skein, 350 yards

1.5mm steel hook

A Beautiful Bird Filet Crochet

Tips that make great crochet gifts:

  1. Table runners and doilies: I think these make great gifts as they are useful, beautiful and do not need to be of a specific size, unlike clothes which can sometimes be a risk to gift. Doilies can be made in numerous designs, colors and shapes. They can be framed and used as decorations too. These can also be paired with matching coasters (which can be smaller form of the table runner itself)  to form a gift set.
  2. Scarves: As I will post about crocheting scarves in more details in my next post, scarves make great gifts. These can be made in a variety of colors and stitches, and take a lot less time to make.
  3. Greeting cards: Many little motifs used for making big doilies, or granny squares can be used in making greeting card. For mother’s day, I made a little motif with crochet thread and pasted it on the from cover of the card. Next, I printed out a letter for my mother thanking her for everything that she had done for me and placed it inside the card.
Greeting card motifs
Pattern from ‘Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies’

Well believe it or not, Crocheted gifts make a statement. They are handmade, the recipient knows you have spent time on it and, needless to say, they have a personal touch. It makes the recipient feel special that you took out the time in your everyday life to make a gift for them. Please go ahead and take up a DIY project as a gift for your friend, parents, relatives, or just a person who made a difference in your life.

Crocheted gifts

Share your stories about crocheting filet doilies, and gifts you made for your dear ones. Thank you for stopping by.


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