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Widen the crochet horizons

Now it has been almost 6 months, which is definitely not a long time, since I first started crocheting seriously. My first try at crochet was when I was a teenager and was awed by my mom’s neatness and synchronized hand movements which made this beautiful fabric come out of it. My first serious project was the filet crochet kind. Seeing that it took a long time before you could actually see the design taking shape. I read somewhere that crochet thread is not the best way to start learning crocheting. Now I know why. Not only does it take a while to get used to but is also difficult to see the individual stitches.

The snowflake filet crochet table runner

After that when I started a project with Hook H and Yarn, it was like working with a magnifying glass. Everything is a 10 times larger and easier to visualize the pattern and even individual stitches. However, I love working with crochet thread and will keep doing so. it has an elegant and a delicate look to it. I learnt this from the Doily and coasters project which turned out to be a beautiful doily.

My flow from Thread to yarn and back to thread

My projects are whatever I feel when I reach to the store. I usually go to the store to get materials for one project and end up buying stuff for a completely different one. I have been sort of fluctuating between yarn and thread (as you can see in the above picture. I don’t think I could choose one or the other. I like alternating them.

My next 2 projects (here is a sneak peek of the first one) are with acrylic yarns (at least that’s the plan). They are both afghan patterns. The one I am working on right now is a shell afghan and will be completed soon. And may be another doily in between.

Striped shells afghan so far!!

I personally feel that every project is different in that it has its own pros and cons, including the stitches, the thread and hooks, the texture and loads of other factors. I love each project just for all those things that make its completion a lot more rewarding. I like this stage of learning crochet where I can try all different things without restricting myself to something specific.

Shore your stories about widening your crochet horizon by trying something new. Do you have any preference for thread or yarn for crocheting? Thank you for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “Widen the crochet horizons”

  1. I started with the H hook and worsted. I’ve recently dabbled in Tunisian and I’ve been casting my eye at thread. So many beautiful projects out there with lacework-I think I’ll be trying it very soon! I love the blue tones in your shell afghan-very pretty!

    1. Thank you so much Amy. Tunisian sounds like so much fun. I should give it a try. I HEART thread work. It has an elegance to it. But, on the other hand, yarn has its own beauty.Thanks for stopping by.

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