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The Blue Beauty

This is my first venture in afghans. I came across this pattern in the book, Afghans by the pound by Rita Weiss. The book is a collection of 10 very easy-to-follow afghan patterns. And as the name suggests, the patterns call for yarn by the pound. So you don’t have to worry about running out of yarn in the middle. This particular pattern, Striped shells, needs a pound of two colors (I used the two shades of blue). The light blue yarn is Caron One Pound, the texture of which was slightly rough but not bad at all. The darker blue yarn is the Caron Simply Soft Ocean. This yarn was initially a left over yarn from the Europa scarf project, but I had to buy enough to have one pound of it. One pound of each color made a nice big baby afghan.

On the way to my first afghan!!

There was hardly any person/reason in mind when I started this project. I went to the store to browse for some new ideas, I came across this book and bought some one pound yarn to match the left over yarn from an earlier project. Usually, there are not many color options available for one pound yarns. They come in generic colors and I chose the one that was the closest to the ocean yarn I had left over.



Caron One Pound – Sky Blue (one)

Caron Simply Soft – Ocean (two and a half 6 oz. skeins)

H Hook (5mm)

Finished Dimensions: 41 X 53in.

Added edgings: One round of dc, one round of granny stitch (with the darker blue), followed by one round of sc with the light blue yarn.


Edging details


Modifications to a Pattern:

  1. Colors: Afghans are great to experiment with colors. Specifically in this pattern, I alternated with the colors every two rows. One can use one color for 3 rows and the other for one row. That way you have a more dominant shade in the afghan. This can also be made in a single or three colors and the pattern looks as beautiful.
  2. Edgings: I was browsing through some blogs and I saw some patterns with edgings to the afghan. For this pattern, I used one row of double crochet, followed by one row of granny stitch (these rows in the darker thread). Final single crochet row in the light thread. Fringes are also commonly used in afghan.
  3. Dimensions: Afghans can be of varied sizes. They range from crib-sized (for babies), cot-sized (for adults), as a wrap or a throw. The point is that the dimensions can be changed at least the length can be increased as needed. The width can also be increased as long as your decision has been made before you started crocheting the afghan 🙂 (This can be done by increasing the number of chains that you start with).
My crochet journal entry


Share your Afghan-crocheting experiences with me. Thank you for stopping by.

Finally my Minions love to use this AFGHAN!

He says, “Look what I made!!”



8 thoughts on “The Blue Beauty”

  1. Oh wow! What lovely neat work! I love the idea of the journal too. I’m going to do that because I need somewhere to keep the labels and it’s be good to keep the pattern notes etc somewhere safe too.
    Thanks for the follow so that I could stumble across this. I think the logical thing is for me to follow you back 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! I am the same – I portioned out balls of yarn for projects along with some printed patterns…from last winter lol! I think I’ll take ideas from your template and customise it for my use as I’ll have my UK thing and also I’ll make it usable for knitting and crocheting 🙂 It’s great! So glad I stumbled across your blog yesterday – have a lovely weekend 🙂

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