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Knitting IS Knirvana-1!

Since my mother is visiting me, she has now introduced me to knitting. To spend her time constructively here with me, she decided to start a cowl for my dearest friend. For this we first went knitting-needles-shopping (because, guess what, I have a whole range of crochet hooks but not a single pair knitting needles 😦 ).

This project was inspired by a simple free pattern available on Michaels’ website. This cowl involved cable stitch and was a little hard for a beginner (equals ‘me’) to get. But before you know it was made and blocked into a beautiful cowl.

Cabled cowl placed lengthwise


Red heart soft yarn – Teal (256 yd.)

US size 7 (4.5mm) knitting needles

Finished Dimensions:  9 X 26 in.

Zoom-in for a clearer view of cable stitch

Modifications to the pattern: The original pattern is that of a scarf. In order to be able to finish it sooner and to get a classier look we shortened it and made it into a cowl. We thought of stitching up the ends of the cowl, however the idea of connecting them with a button gave a really nice look.

Completed cable stitch cowl

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