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Knitting IS Knirvana-2

The original plan was to finish one cowl in one visit. But mom was so fast and the cable stitch being slightly more complicated for me to learn knitting, that we started (and finished) another one within a fortnight. I have never seen knitting progress in such awesome speeds, smooth flow and uniform tension. We decided to start the next cowl with a simple knit-purl pattern. Only after holding the knitting needles in my hand did I realize it needs some getting used to.

This pattern was really simple and turned-out to be ideal for learning. It is available on the internet here. This turned out to be as beautiful as the first one. It was great to be learning it directly from mom.

The cowl folded lengthwise


Caron simply soft – Soft pink (yd.)

US size 7 (4.5 mm) knitting needles

Finished Dimensions: 18 X 26 in.

zoom-in for the pattern

Modifications to the pattern: The pattern starts with 40 sts, but we made it a little wider to 60 sts. The cowl was now wide enough to be able to fold over. And the length was adjusted as necessary. For this pattern also, we did not sew the ends together, instead (just like the last cowl) used a button.

Cowl with a button!!

With winter just around the corner, I think I am going to hold on to this one for myself. 😉

Share your ideas about knitting, and your first time knitting experience with me. Also, a big crochet blanket project is coming up soon!!!Thanks for stopping by.



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