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Why do we have a Hobby?

Hobby, by definition, is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

Personally, all my life I thought I have no creativity in me. I can’t neither draw well nor paint. I did love dancing and singing but did not pursue it after high school. It took me a while to realize that everybody has something special in them that makes them creative. Some talent that they need to find out for themselves. People who figure this out early in their life can really make time for it early on in life and hone their skills and transform it into a hobby or a career. Some have it in them and use it to do small projects in and around the house such as interior decoration, sewing  etc. Believe me even being a technology savvy is a talent! To be able to make use of it maximally is a rarity.

Since I really didn’t think crochet would mean anything to me earlier in my life, I didn’t have a chance to excel in it before today.  We have many different reasons to have hobbies

1. To hone our skills – Firstly, to establish have a skill set and then to hone it. I now know that I have a liking for crochet. I also know that a loads of other people can do it. But it is just the drive to learn more about it and try all different things there is to it, makes me want to perfect the technique first and then go ahead with more complex projects.

2. To calm us down – Studies have shown that having hobbies does have its calming and distracting effect on our minds. If you try to concentrate on your work and on hobby at the same time. it won’t work. You have to make time for you hobby without compromising on productivity and quality of work. When you are working, work efficiently without distractions. Make time for  your hobbies to relieve the stress from an exhausting day at work. Most people who are CEOs and super busy in their lives with so many responsibilities find time to pursue their hobbies why not you?

Gardening is known to be a stress buster!!
Gardening is known to be a stress buster!!

3. For the peace of mind – Many of us actually do have hobbies without any intention of making money from it or gifting it to someone. This is just for you and your mind. People who play musical instruments probably fall in this category of pursuing your hobby for the peace of your mind.

Many people pursue pottery at home for its calming effects!
Many people pursue pottery at home for its calming effects!

4. To make some profit – Once you do get somewhat better at it you can try to market the surplus products and fund your own hobby. This can be true for crafts and other hobbies like photography, designing, painting, sketching and so on. There are so many sites for handcrafted items. These sites help artists to be able to sell their items online.

Fund you hobby by marketing your produce!
Fund your hobby by marketing your produce!

5. Make pretty things – Many of us can use our ideas to build it into their homes. it is not about selling it or gifting it, but it is just for the sake of making it. I have so many friends who are so talented and can just transform their homes with beautiful decorations and artwork. They do it for their happiness and satisfaction and nothing else.

6. To make gifts (to make something for others) – To make gifts for our near and dear ones is always fulfilling and to gift your hand-made crafts to them is not only personalized but it also means something to you. That makes it all the more valuable.

You can definitey use these products as gifts for near and dear ones
You can definitely use your creations as gifts for near and dear ones

There are numerous options you have when you decide you want to have a hobby. You can read about it here. But as I said I recently realized that everybody has something special in them. They just need to make the time to pursue it.

Do you have a hobby? Share your hobby ideas and what you love about spending time with your hobby. Thank you for stopping by.


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