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“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.”

Just the holidays and spending time with your near and dear ones, makes me wonder, what is it about life that you love? Not to sound too philosophical, to have an objective perspective towards life.

Do you ever sit down some night and think about what all you thought, said and did through the day? I think about it every night. I need to review each night about how productive, fun and valued my day was. I also think about all that I need to do for the next day. Usually I barely get through the first part.

Which part of life do you love the most – discipline, fun, adventure, routine, people. Probably some proportion of all of those. We all have our personalities and our own way of doing things. But, under a given situation, which of the following would you choose:

1. Hobbies – would you rather be watching TV and playing video games than doing something more constructive with your time?

I totally enjoy my time watching all the movies, reading books and love those TV shows but usually I am either exercising or crocheting while doing that.

  • Pros: you can get double the amount of things accomplished. You are up-to-date with the latest happenings on TV and caught up with you hobby.
  • Cons: you have divided attention. And probably didn’t do either of those things right.


2. Responsibilities – Are you a person who needs all the bills paid right that instant? Well I am the person who waits for the bills to come.

I usually check a day or two before if it is ready yet. I am petrified of not paying my bills on time.

3. Friends and family – Would you spend time hanging out with friends at a café or would you rather be at home by yourself with your laptop?

I can be one or the other depending on my mood. Usually I like to hang out with friends and talk to family but once in a while may be over the weekend I like to be by myself.

4. Risk-taking ability – Are you the kind of person who need high levels of security in life or do you have the guts to change your career and everything without knowing if you’ll be successful or not.

I am the former. I need the security. I cannot accept many uncertainties. However that does not make life any easier.

  • Pros: Ability to take risks makes an individual try out new things and who knows you may just succeed and make it big in what you took up.
  • Cons: If whatever you take has a huge investment, you may just lose it. The odds are equal on both sides.


5. Deadlines– Would you rather start ahead of time and be done with it before the deadline arrives to avoid the stress or would you rather wait till the last-minute to let the pressure build up so that you put in maximum efficiency to the task undertaken by you?

  • Pros: Starting early has its advantages of not being too stressful at the last-minute. You will have plenty of time to review make changes. For eg. Christmas gifts, you will have time to think about the right gifts for all your family members.
  • Cons: You would probably be spending too much time on it than is essential by starting so early.



These are some things that we ponder about, well.. I ponder about. I don’t believe that either ones are good or bad. These decisions make you what you are. Which one are you? Would you change any part of you if you could?

‘We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die’ – Albert Camus.

Thank you for stopping by.


5 thoughts on ““A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.””

  1. Hobbies & leisure activities hands down, because I don’t want stress. I also love routine, but need to disrupt it a few times, and then need the familiarity of routine again 🙂

  2. Very nice to read that you had written. I find your language and thinking in a very high intellect level. god (Uppilliappan) bless you and go on .

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