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Dainty Daisies

Taking a break from crocheting Afghans, my next project is with cotton crochet thread. Among all the colors of the Afghans and advantages of speed and size, the value of making table runners and doilies was probably lost along the way. As you already know I started with the thread and once I got into trying out different afghan patterns, it is hard to stay away from them. I started making afghans one after the other. So this time I wanted to bring out the patterns and colors of the afghans into a table runner.

For this table runner I used ‘A Garden of Daisies’ afghan pattern from the book Afghans by the pound by Rita Weiss but instead of yarn used cotton thread and three different thread colors. As this was meant to be a table runner, I didn’t want to use any bright colors. So I went for my favorites, pastels. I used cream, orchid pink and shaded purples(for the borders).

Dainty daisies table runner
Dainty daisies table runner


Aunt Lydia’s cotton classic crochet thread size 10

1 and a half skein of cream

1 skein orchid pink

And shaded purple (just enough for 2 rows of daisies)

Crochet hook size 7 (1.65mm)

Finished dimensions: 14X20”


Modifications to the pattern:

1. Colors: Since this was a table runner, the choice of colors is important. The colors needed to be light for bring out the design on a dark wooden background of the table. I went for pastels and highlighted the borders with a row of shaded purples

2. Pattern: The pattern itself is an afghan pattern. Many of these patterns can be modified to be used as a table runner. This is true the other way around as well. Many doily patterns are commonly used as patterns for rugs and throws.


I thoroughly enjoyed crocheting this table place mat with a thread. I think this experiment worked out beautifully.

Have you ever tried to use afghan patterns with thread? Or vice versa? Share your stories with me. Thank you for stopping by.

Crochet journal update
Crochet journal update

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