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Pumpkin Spice

Another toddler blanket!! This project was planned in fall, and hence is inspired by fall colors and flavors. This pattern is called ‘triple treat’ in the book afghans by pound by Rita Weiss. Yes! The last table runner pattern was from the same book. I just loved this pattern and would love to use it again with other color combinations. This is one of those patterns where contrasting colors work just as nicely as do gradients. This time I used yellows and oranges to give me a fall effect. The orange is a little too bright for my liking but I think it’ll look great on babies. These colors make the blanket really bright and vibrant.



Red heart white, Yellow, Tangerine – 2 skeins each.

Hook size – G (4.25mm)

Finished dimensions: 30X36”


Modifications to the pattern: Added edging to blanket with one row of single crochet with white and yellow each, followed by shell stitch with yellow. I also started with half the number of chains at the beginning so that the blanket is longer than its width.


Pumpkin spice
Pumpkin spice

This pattern is so great to experiment with color combinations. I would love to do a seasonal theme with this pattern. Now that I have a Fall blanket, I plan on winter, spring and summer. Any ideas for color combinations for these future projects?

Dont forget to leave your suggestions and share your ideas. Thank you for stopping by.



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