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Blushing Ripples

This project was really challenging to me, color-wise. I am now trying to get into the ‘color-testing arena’. I am really bad at putting colors together as contrasts and trying to match them. But I have decided to start trying them out. A little search looking for colorful blankets gave me some amazing color inspirations. So I finally decided to go ahead with pink (as I had a loads of left over yarn from Queen of hearts) and got some soft green yarn to go with it.


The pattern for this projects is a classic granny-ripple. I found many versions of this online but chose to go ahead with this one as it was not as wide as the others. The width of this project is a crib-sized baby girl blanket. I loved playing with the colors in this one and can’t wait to start the next one for a baby boy.



Caron simply soft yarn (2 skeins each color, 6 oz/skein)

1. White

2. Soft pink

3. Victorian Rose

4. Sage

4.25mm hook (G)

Finished dimensions: 26X46”

Edges: Edging for the blanket was one row of white granny stitch followed by single crochet rows of all the colors.


I think the project as turned out to be great to work with and the colors have played out beautifully. It has motivated me to go and check out the other color combinations possible.

If you love this blanket and would like one you can check it out on My Little Etsy Store

This blanket was followed up by a little sleepy owl!!!



5 thoughts on “Blushing Ripples”

  1. I’m bad at putting colors together too. I tend to go overboard and choose all loud colors 😀 I guess it gets easier with practice. Love the cute owl too by the way!

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