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Rippling Tides

This project is continuation of Blushing ripples in that it is a little baby boy version of it. I wanted to try the ripple stitch. There are a million versions of it and this one was pretty straight forward. It’s by Attic 24. The width of the blanket could be adjusted to you needs. I made one for a baby blanket. This is an experiment with Teal and grey. I think it worked out beautifully. The brightness of the teal and the laid-back grey. I am getting a hang of color co-ordination now. Will keep working on it.

This is a really gorgeous blanket/throw ideal for having your morning coffee with a Harry potter in your hand đŸ˜‰ Bliss!!


An in progress picture of Rippling Tides
An in progress picture of Rippling Tides

Materials –

Caron Simply soft yarn

1. white (2 skeins)

2. Grey heather  (1.2 skeins)

Red heart soft yarn – Teal (1.2 skein)

4.25 mm hook (G)


Finished dimensions – 32X52”

Row arrangement – 3 rows of each color (White-Grey-White-Teal)

Edging – one row of single crochet white and one row of double crochet with teal.

Guess what, I couldn’t get away without making a sleepy owl with these beautiful colors.



13 thoughts on “Rippling Tides”

  1. I’ve tried the ripple stitch many times, but I always find that somehow I come out uneven. I count exactly as is requested from the directions, but I get lopsided results. Do you have any special tricks you do when using this stitch?

    1. I had to count the stitches for the first ten rows for every ripple, to make sure they were right. I used 6 stitches between a turn. the seventh stitch had three dc in the same stitch.
      It took a little while to get it right. and usually I am sure to make a mistake in between just to find out a lot later but this time it worked out okay.

      1. Thank you very much for getting back to me. I am going to have to give it another go and see how it turns out.

  2. I have been trying to settle on a boys blanket to make but so far can’t be convinced on any. Now I may have found the one. I really like the thickness of the stripes and the use of only three colours. Really nice. Well done.

  3. I have just discovered your blog and you won me over with the name alone! Love the blanket and am thinking I want to do a scarf in the ripple stitch now (just don’t have patience for a full blanket). Also really enjoy the Harry Potter book sitting there!!

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