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Blue Skies

Here is another jump-start to the weekend, celebrating the completion of Another hearts blanket! I truly, can’t get enough of this pattern. The first one was a fluffy pink blanket. That one turned out so pretty I wanted to make one in blue.

This pattern is so versatile, can be made into string bags and ponchos. It allows experimentation with colors and, of course, you can use scrap yarn for different rows.  I loved these soft and light shades of blue for this baby boy blanket. The pattern needs a base color, usually white but you can experiment with other neutral shades like cream, gray or even darker colors of black and browns. the good thing about white is it gives a pastel look to the blanket. Darker colors can be combined with neons for the hearts really getting a nice effect.


The only thing with the blanket is it has quite a lot of ends to weave in. To solve that I read a tip on Ravelry (only later when I had almost finished the blanket), suggested using 2 skeins of white. wherein after every heart row you need two rows of white and followed by one row of heart. For the white row after this one use  a new skein of white. This way you will be using one white skein for every alternate row with a lot less loose ends.



Caron Simply soft yarn

white (2 skeins), soft blue (1 skein) and light country blue (1/2 skein).

G hook (4.25mm)


Finished dimensions –  29” X 46”

Edging – for the edging I used one row of sc with soft blue, one with white and one row of three chain picot stitch with light country blue.


How is your weekend coming along so far! Hope you are having a great one. Thanks for stopping by.


Update – you can now find this blue blanket on etsy here!!!


10 thoughts on “Blue Skies”

  1. How lovely! I had to bookmark the pattern for myself so I could it to my list of ‘to do’ projects that I (eventually) want to get round to. Well done, indeed!

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