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Fair Isle Knitted Stripes Blanket

I really wanted to learn two-color or Fair-isle knitting for a while. I was looking for a blanket pattern which was not overwhelming in colors and was fairly simple to walk through. I realized there are very few fair-isle patterns for blankets. So I chose this sweater pattern and made it as borders to a knitted stripes blanket. The stripes of this pattern are made using the random stripes generator software.

Photo Dec 14, 1 03 06 PM

Color combination: Fair-isle patterns usually need a really good contrast in colors, such as combination of really light and dark shade or white and other dark shades to bring out the pattern. Secondly, the rest of the blanket it is better to have a simpler pattern that will not overpower the beauty/intricacy of fair-isle.

Photo Dec 14, 1 03 16 PM


Caron simply soft yarn colors: white, soft blue, light country blue, country blue, dark country blue.

Circular knitting needles. US 8

Crochet hook SizeH 5mm

Edging: one row of single crochet with each color yarn.

Finished dimensions: 24”X35”

Photo Dec 14, 1 03 45 PM

It turns out fair-isle knitting is really simple but you do need to careful of the float at the back to get better tension. There are really good youtube videos that walk you through general points in this type of knitting. The color and pattern possibilities are endless.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks for stopping by.

This blanket is now available on etsy.


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