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A granny ripple crochet blanket and bunting

Over the holidays, I got to make this beautiful pattern again. This blanket was a custom order in the colors of ivory, lavender and grey. I’ve previously made this blanket, here.

Photo Jan 07, 11 20 55 PM

This is such a versatile and quick pattern. try this with loads of color combinations as stripes or gradients.


Caron simply soft in the colors- Ivory, lavender blue, and grey heather

Crochet hook US size G 4.5 mm

Finished Dimensions: 26X46”

Edging: One round of single crochet followed by one round scalloped edging along the length with Ivory colored yarn.

Photo Jan 04, 11 18 09 AM

Since I moved to a new house I made this colorful bunting for one of the walls.

Photo Dec 24, 1 16 50 PM

Happy crocheting.


1 thought on “A granny ripple crochet blanket and bunting”

  1. Pooja, I want you to make one thoran like this for our home at Mumbai.You can tie small bells at the end and it will add up to its beauty and will sound good.

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