Knitting projects

Braided Cable Blanket

After a short crochet break. I am back to knitting.

I start out with this braided cable blanket think this is going to be tricky. But it was so easy to follow through and memorize. I also wanted to use some bright new colors for this one. The link for this free pattern is here.

Photo Feb 01, 12 01 02 PM (1)

I was so tempted to use random stripe generator for this one but then I realized I didn’t have enough of the lemon green yarn and couldn’t find it in any of the stores. So I started to reduce the color by a shade after every repeat. I think it  looks really bright and refreshing. Love how the colors contrast each other (Thanks to my color coordinators).

Photo Feb 02, 10 54 33 AM


Caron simply soft yarn

White, blue mint, mango, chartreuse

Circular knitting needles and

A cable needle (which is the DIY version made from skewers)

Finished dimensions: 25’X36”

Photo Jan 18, 12 03 39 PM

This blanket is now blocked and ready to go. You can buy this beauty on etsy here.


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