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Diagonal stripes baby blanket

I have so many projects in queue, so many WIPs and it is getting really confusing which one to work on. But this beauty has knitted up really fast and is a really easy pattern.
I wanted something in stripes on which I can mindlessly knit (since we were going on a trip) and play with the colors. I generated the stripes using random stripe generator and worked out beautifully. This website is the most useful thing for me as I need some order in my stripes and cannot come up with the random stripes order myself. This gives a really good idea of what this order would look like and you can save it and keep it while you knit. I usually write/print it so I can strike it out as I am knitting it.

The pattern again is really simple without overwhelming the design. I made the pattern into a rectangle instead of a square and I also changed the ‘Yarn Over’s to a ‘Knit Front and Back (kfb)’ so I don’t have any holes.

So the increases are ‘K2 kfb knit till the end of the row’. Decreases are ‘K1 K2tog Kfb K2tog knit till the end of the row’.

Each color stripe is twelve rows or six garter stitch ridges.



Caron simply soft, white, soft pink, Watermelon and Chartreuse (the green)

Knitting needles size 7

Finished dimensions: 27” X36”


Since the pattern gives a really nice edging I didn’t add edging to this one.

This is such a beautiful pattern to play around with colors. And if you are a passenger while driving, or at the movies, you can really knit this one without looking at it.


This blanket is now available on etsy.



8 thoughts on “Diagonal stripes baby blanket”

  1. Oh it is just beautiful, and the ladies on my FB page are loving it! Thank you for sharing…I saved the pattern for when I am bit more comfortable for a larger project….other than scarves….learning with still much to try….scarves seem to be a comfort zone you know. I can’t wait to make this! Thank you, Sandy

      1. Thank you so much!! I know I will love it, and sure…when I make it, I will share! Thanks, Sandy

  2. That looks wonderful. Is there a crochet version? I need to make similar but crochet … a baby blanket with no holes i.e. a tight stitch, with diagonal stripes but has to be crochet and not knitting ……

    1. Hey Sue, Thank you so much. So glad you liked it. I do love knitting only for the weave and the tightly positioned stitches. But I did find a few options with crochet. If you have a ravelry account, here are the links for them –
      I find that moss stitch in crochet gives a nice close weave (the first link). Just make them as big as you like and change colors as reach the stripe width. Let me know if you need any help with any one of those. Both of those are free patterns. šŸ™‚
      – Pooja

      1. Oh wow, such great reply. Thank you so much. Links look brilliant. Thank you so so much šŸ™‚ x

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