Crocheted items

Mandala Frenzy

At the Nerdy Crocheter’s craft room, last weekend was a Mandala Fever (actually as couple weekends ago but didnt get enough time to post about it). I was rearranging a bedroom in my apartment to make it into craft-room, yay!!!! and thought of putting up these pretty mandalas on the wall for decoration. These colors are so happy and make me wanna create everytime. All of the patterns are free and there are like a million of them to choose from.

1. The pattern for this mandala is right here: The carnival Mandala

Photo Oct 18, 6 02 39 PM



2. The pattern for the second one is right here: Crochet mandala

Photo Oct 18, 8 38 15 PM

3. The pattern for the third mandala is here: Little spring mandala

Photo Oct 18, 11 36 35 PM

You can basically make these with scrap yarn. Any color any stitch. They all look wonderful. It literally took me an hour to make each one. Cant wait to make more.


Happy crafting this weekend.



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