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Snowman and a Snowy Wreath

Winter is here to visit us early this year. We’ve already had some snow. So I wanted to put in a nice jinglebell-y wreath on the door. and added a snowman to complete it.

Photo Nov 17, 10 34 18 PM

The pattern for the wreath is really simple and free by attic 24. The only modification I did is to add bells in every color stripe. You can learn how to add bells by looking for tutorials to add beads into crocheted work. it is super easy but it took me a little time because by bells didn’t have a hole big enough to fit my tapestry needle. :(. so I threaded them manually. and once it is ready you can sew them together on the wreath.

Photo Nov 17, 10 35 03 PM

The pattern for the snowman is here. it is super duper fast and fun to make.

I have just pinned the snowman on the wreath with a couple of T-pins.

Photo Nov 17, 10 45 23 PM



4 thoughts on “Snowman and a Snowy Wreath”

  1. Love your snowman, so cute. Love the snowy picture it’s still raining here in the UK. Although I did see more santa’s than I would like in our local town ( there were hundreds of them, now I know why the traffic was bad)

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