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May Wreath

In between blanket projects I was working on this cute little spring wreath. I have a wreath for the holidays and a winter wreath. I really wanted to change the tone to spring. I didn’t want to start a super big project just after having spent a lot of time on the winter wreath. So I bought a small wreath backbone from Michaels (for less than $3.00), pearl pins and crocheted in bright colors to represent spring. Adding the flowers really completed it. I think I’ll eventually add more flowers and birds to this to give it a fuller look.


The pattern for this wreath is available for free from the lovely attic 24. Lucy, from attic24, also has great tutorials for the flowers and leaves. You can spend hours looking at her site. So pretty and colorful work.


Hope you are also having a lovely colorful and bright weekend. Happy crocheting!


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