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Solid squares Crochet Blanket No. 4

This time I wanted to make a pixelly blanket I as trying to look for good color layouts. Finally played around with Word little bit and used this color arrangement. I really like the way the colors have turned out.

I used a join as you go, as I have in my previous blanket and this one, only this time I used two rounds of the color.



Caron Simply Soft yarn

Ocean, Blue Mint, Robin’s egg, Sunshine, Mango, and Pumpkin.


Finished Dimensions: 21 X 31”


This blanket is now available on etsy.


Have a colorful week everyone.


4 thoughts on “Solid squares Crochet Blanket No. 4”

    1. Hey Bekka, Thank you so much. As I was trying to find the link for join as you go I realized I never really talked about it. So sorry about that. But here is the site from where I got the inspiration for this join as you go. This link is the closest one I could find. In this they do the stitch thing every 3 double crochet but in my blanket I did the braid thing every stitch. So it joins every single stitch. I hope this did not confuse you. but I will be sure to post the details for the joining techniques on these blankets. 🙂

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