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Join as you go tutorial

I use join-as-you-go (JAYG) on almost all square and hexagon blankets that I’ve ever made.

If you want to join all the motifs together with one color yarn at the end, you can use a continuous join as you go method. The tutorial for this is available here for granny squares or Hexagons by the amazing CypressTextiles. You need to get all the motifs made and set for joining.

If you want to join the motifs as you go, you can use any joining method. There are many available online. The one that I use here has a little twist in the join and looks braided. You can do this for both solid hexagons and squares.

Solid Hexagon JAYG joining:

Make the first solid hexagon (pattern here). Start making the second solid. As you reach the last round, you have to start joining.

1. Remove loop from the hook

2. Insert hook into the corner space of the grey hexagon.

3. Pick up the loop from under the space and double crochet into the space of the yellow hexagon.IMG_3025IMG_3026IMG_3028IMG_3029IMG_3030IMG_3031

4. Remove loop from the hook and hook through the next double crochet of the grey hexagon. Pull the loop through. Now double crochet into the yellow hexagon. Repeat till the end.

This dropping of the loop and picking it back up gives joining the twisted look.

JAYG Granny hexagons:

The pattern for making sunburst hexagons is available here.

Follow the JAYG protocol the same way, but this time drop the hook only every third double crochet.


Have a great CROCHET-ful Weekend!!


4 thoughts on “Join as you go tutorial”

  1. Thanks, that’s a great help – I have seen it mentioned many times but not had time to look up a tutorial! Will have to create something now to practice on… Oh dear, another WIP!

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