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Moved to Australia!

Hello there beautiful people,

We have been planning this move from the States to Australia for about 6 months and it has finally happened. I am so excited to explore the yarn and colors here. I did come here from one winter to the next but that is the best season to wear all of knitted things, and, of course, I am really excited to be with my husband here.


The day I landed, I was jet-lagged and I dragged my husband out of the house early in the morning for a run and many days since, it has been so great. Bird watching and taking in the new culture.


The fun is now about to begin, I am going to start going to yarn shops here and get my store going again. Any Australian folks out there who can help me out with handmade goods selling website that are more popular than etsy? Also any preferred yarn brands you would recommend for the two categories: for indulgence or economical. Any input is appreciated.


During the long flight, I have been working on my gryffindor scarf. I will definitely post once it gets done. Here are some of the birds spotted during out runs and outing in the last week. Parrots and Parakeets flying around just like that in the cold. So beautiful to see them flying around free.

Photo Jun 13, 4 05 44 PM

I never imagined that I would be coming to a third continent in the near future but here I am and loving every bit of it.

Hope to meet with some Australian knitters and crocheters soon..



5 thoughts on “Moved to Australia!”

  1. Where are you? I’m in Melbourne. Check out Spotlight for economy yarns – even local discount stores sell some okay acrylic yarns – Big W carries Carnival brand and about the only place you’ll find some Red Heart. 8-ply (DK) will be the most common weight you find here in Oz.

    If you’re in Victoria the Bendigo Wool Show is coming up July 16/17 weekend, you’ll find lovely hand dyed yarns and an opportunity to also visit Bendigo Woollen Mills store! (they have online store too)

    1. Hey Sandi, Thank you so much fro the help. I am in Canberra. I will definitely check those out. I did get a chance to go to a local yarn store last week and I really wish I could go to the wool show. That seems so exciting. Pooja

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