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13 ways to be ecofriendly

It’s official that the earth has crossed its point of no return levels of carbon dioxide concentration which was 400 ppm. What this means is that across the globe there will be at least 400 ppm CO2 level which is the highest ever recorded and doesn’t seem to be going down.

It has become crucial now more than even to be more conscious of the environment. Little steps taken by each one of us can lead to great impacts.

Some of the common ones include:

  1. Carpool, Bike or use public transport to work.
  2. NO disposable cups for coffee.
  3. Please turn the lights and air conditioning off for rooms not in use.
  4. Please switch off your computers each night and unplug them.
  5. Pack your lunch and don’t get a disposable container.
  6. Cold water for laundry
  7. shop online. (although I think that packaging can also contain a lot of plastic). Alternatively, you could do you own shopping and not use plastic bags.
  8. Don’t print unless necessary.
  9. Shower for two less minutes.
  10. PLEASE don’t buy bottled water. It doesn’t make any sense to use these plastic bottles one time and toss them out. Imagine how many bottles you throw away in a day. It will save you $$$ and time to switch to a water purifier. (I know that you may recycle your bottles, but it is better not to use them in the first place. Only 1 in 5 bottles are recycled)carbon-foot-printweb
  11. Use cloth towels instead of paper towels in the house. They are hygienic, easy to wash.
  12. Create a compost bin for wet waste and start composting.
  13. Try to be vegan or at least vegetarian for a few days to start. About 20-50% of the greenhouse gas emissions is produced by livestock farming. It is an immense amount of carbon dioxide. Try to reduce your meat consumption and look for vegan options.

And before you ask, I am not able to do all of these myself. But my friends and family know, I am crazy about wasting paper towels, bike to work, and now using plastic bags. But will try to be as careful as possible. Let’s be mindful of things we do for convenience and think how it impacts the planet for future generations.

On the bright side, last weekend I volunteered at the living green festival. and I realized how many people are aware of these things and are taking a step towards being kinder towards the planet.

Have a great clean beautiful weekend.





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