Sewing ventures

Fox print bag and a marathon

Last week was pretty eventful. It included some sewing, some knitting, and a LOT of running.

My latest sewing venture is this nerdy fox animal print bag. The future is going towards a ‘plastic-bag-free shopping’ experience. So why not have some fun with it!! This week I challenge you to use market bags and go shopping plastic-free. Every small step will make a huge difference.


This is a great market tote and can carry a lot of weight with its handles sewed in all the way.


This week was one year since my last Marathon in Chicago. So me and my husband have been training for the Melbourne Marathon (which was last weekend). It was an incredible experience. and usually after every marathon (this was my third one), I feel like I have it out of my system and am not sure I want to do this all over again. But this year I felt really good and am really inspired to do better for my next race, hopefully next year.


Have a great week everybody!!


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