Hello beautiful creative people,

I started this blog to pen down my thoughts and stories behind my crochet adventure. Little did I know that it wouldn’t be much longer before I used crochet, knitting and sewing as  creative outlet. In my other life, my NERDY life, I finished my Ph.D in Developmental Biology (which I love by the way). I finished by Ph.D from Indianapolis, IN, in the States, and my husband and I decided to move halfway across the world to Australia. We now live in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, where I run my handmade business.


ANC Bags

I am a lover of the environment and each cloth bag replaces many many plastic bags  during your trip to the grocery store. This doesn’t have to be boring. So each bag I make has a color that pops and designs that resonate with you.

ANC Knits

I absolutely love knitting while watching TV or commuting. I make intricate one of a kind lace knitted scarves with gradient colors. If you are interested in purchasing a scarf please contact me.


I would love to hear from you and use your suggestions to make this a better site and provide better items for sale.

You can sign up for my newsletter about exciting offers. You can also contact me here for requesting custom orders or you can visit My madeit store or my etsy store to make a purchase.



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