Sewing ventures

Floral and Paris tote

This week has come with a lot of wonderful activities in the Nerdy House.

Please consider using reusable bags for your groceries. This New Year resolve to be ecofriendly. It is never a good idea to use a single time use plastic bag to carry your groceries from the car to you house. Use durable, reusable, pretty-looking bags. These are one time investments and can last a long time. Let the future generations learn from you to be kind to the environment. We can make a difference in our lifetime and help everyone around us.

These are the new bags available this week at the ANC Madeit and Etsy stores.


Have an amazing crafty weekend.




Sewing ventures

Trellis print bag and pouch

This productive week I worked on super exciting fabrics.

After watching the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, ‘Before the flood‘, (which is available on youtube to watch by national geographic for free for a limited time), I am so terrified for what climate change has in store for us. But it also brings hope that small things can make a lot of difference and revert the changes in the environment. It is so easy and tempting to go for convenience like plastic bags, to-go containers, go the extra mile and refrain from using plastic bags. Try to reduce meat consumption in your diet, it will be the wiser choice for your health and the environment.

On a lighter note, make you grocery shopping super fun with this Trellis print bag and a small convenient pouch that it comes with.


It is a tote bag and you can use it for a lot of purposes, including as a swim bag, market bag, knitting project bag, or gym bag. It is super convenient can handle a lot of weight with the handles sewed in all the way.


Hope you have a great crafty weekend.


Sewing ventures

Sew happy!

We have moved and are now living in the land down under. I continue to knit and crochet, albeit  infrequently, I have found a new love. Sewing!! I always wanted to learn sewing.

My mother, a sewing expert, has been an inspiration. I wanted to start of with basic sewing skills. so I got a relatively inexpensive IKEA sewing machine SY. It has been pretty useful so far and I hope that it continues to work well. But I am loving the process of sewing and have decided to start my online store in Australia on


The whole process of starting this store with cloth and market bags is about my passion about being more ecofriendly by reducing the use of plastic from the environment. Living in the US, I realized that I generally used so many single use plastic bags and disposables that it was very wasteful. A perfect example of this was, milk chugs being double bagged as they hold the weight, just to be able to carry it a few steps to the car and from the car to your kitchen.  In 4 of 7 Australian states and in 17 of 50 states in the US, so far there is a fee on single use plastic bags at the grocery stores. Even with these regulations in place, over 10 million new bags are used each day in Australia. The cost of these bags add up to about $100 million a year, which is added to your grocery bills.

Reusable and re-purposed bags will be able to save you $$$ and the environment and is the future shopping. Fabric bags can be folded up and carried with you to the store, come in a variety of colors and sizes. You don’t need to have a plastic bag containing a lot of plastic bags in your house. Get rid of the clutter and start using renewable cloth bags. Its time to be less wasteful.


At this store, you can find a lot of cloth fabric bags. I am also repurposing old fabric into bags. You can fit in a lot more items into each bags. It WILL be possible to make one trip from the car to your house. The handles are sturdy enough to hold a lot more weight than a single use plastic bag.


This is the only investment you need to make and you can help reduce a lot of plastic and help handmade businesses.



Have a great weekend!!