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Mandala Frenzy

At the Nerdy Crocheter’s craft room, last weekend was a Mandala Fever (actually as couple weekends ago but didnt get enough time to post about it). I was rearranging a bedroom in my apartment to make it into craft-room, yay!!!! and thought of putting up these pretty mandalas on the wall for decoration. These colors are so happy and make me wanna create everytime. All of the patterns are free and there are like a million of them to choose from.

1. The pattern for this mandala is right here: The carnival Mandala

Photo Oct 18, 6 02 39 PM



2. The pattern for the second one is right here: Crochet mandala

Photo Oct 18, 8 38 15 PM

3. The pattern for the third mandala is here: Little spring mandala

Photo Oct 18, 11 36 35 PM

You can basically make these with scrap yarn. Any color any stitch. They all look wonderful. It literally took me an hour to make each one. Cant wait to make more.


Happy crafting this weekend.


Crocheted items

Sunburst hexagon blanket

All of last week I have been working on this pretty, colorful and fun granny sunburst hexagon baby blanket.



This is so addictive and too much fun. I couldn’t put it down once I started making the circles. And you don’t have to do the flowers in gradients of colors you can do it using scrap yarn. There is so much room to play around with colors here. and they blend really well. I have used this pattern before as sunburst squares but sunburst hexagons are super duper fun. I even made halves to square off the edges.

Here is a link to the hexagon pattern. and here is the continuous-join-as-you-go-hexagon joining method I used for this. Absolutely adore the little twists between the hexies!!!


Caron simply soft yarn –

pinks (fuchsia, watermelon, soft pink)

blues(ocean, blue mint, soft blue)

purples (passion, grape, orchid)

greens (dark sage, kelly green, limelight)

yellows (autumn red, mango, sunshine)


These little beauties were joined with white.

Finished dimensions: 23X25”

This blanket is now available on etsy.

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Knitted chevron blanket No. 3

Hello fellow crafters,

Hope you had a great relaxing but productive long weekend. I have been trying to get my custom order sent out. This blanket was so much fun to make especially because the colors turned out to be very pretty. I used random stripe generator to create this stripe pattern. Have I already told you about how much I love this site by biscuits and jam?


The pattern for this pattern is really super-simple and super-quick to knit. It is a free pattern. You can access it here.

I have used this pattern twice before, in shades of pink and shades of yellow.




Caron simply soft off-white, grape, and grey heather.

Circular knitting needles US size 7 and

crochet hook US size G (4.25mm)

To make a wider blanket I cast on 182 stitches.

Finished dimensions – 35”X45”



For the edging I just did one round of single crochet followed by scalloped edging.

Off goes this blanket! Quick move on to the next project!



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What you can’t do?

There is really nothing you can’t do unless you decide you can’t. This post seems like something we were taught in high school, when our teachers in value education class told us “As long as you have the determination, there is nothing you can’t do” OR “Where there is a will, there is a way”. It sounded so easy and we totally bought it coz we were so young. What they didn’t talk about was the thousands of things that come in your way!

Here are some of the reasons I found out when I grew up.

1. Time limitations: Our whole adult life we are running behind our dreams, working hard to make them come true. But in the process forget to relax, to enjoy the weather, to try out new cuisines, to read a book you’ve always wanted, to spend time with your hobbies. When we grow old and we are not able to do all of these things, we’ll wish so bad to go back in the past and change it. I already feel like I should have spent more time traveling in college than I did coz now guess what: I don’t have the TIME!!

“I don’t have time” is the most common excuse. Be it for exercise, cooking, or hobbies.



2. Social: What will other people say? What does the society think about us? When I first started crafting, I would get a lot of comments that you are only 25, aren’t you a bit young to be knitting/crocheting? At first I thought may be it was something you did once you have babies and knit booties. But who cares what others think. I love doing what I do, have a great time with my friends and it relaxes me. and I can make beautiful stuff for others.

Solution: Who cares what the others think! They are clearly not having as good of a time as you are and they have nothing better to do. at least you are using it constructively.


3. Physical: I am so tired after a whole day at work, I cant cook/exercise/craft. I think people who exercise regularly will agree with me here, that you are tired till you reach the gym but are so refreshed when you get back that you could do more activities after then before. You don’t have to be thin or fit to go the gym to workout for 30 mins. Just take a walk around your neighborhood.

I never thought I could run a half-marathon. THE BARRIER IS MORE PSYCHOLOGICAL THAN PHYSICAL. There are people who run marathons at the age of 80. Are you telling my you are too old to walk a mile a day?

Solution: when you decide you want to start something, set time aside for it in your planner – like you would do for a meeting – and just go ahead and do it. It’ll be hard at first but it’ll become a part of you in no time.

Its not that hard as long as you train for it!
Its not that hard as long as you train for it!


I think most of the excuses that I could think about could be classified into these three categories. Do you fall in any one of these? Identify the problem and overcome it by finding an appropriate solution. ONLY YOU ARE IN THE WAY OF YOUR PROGRESS. Don’t limit yourself even with work. Grow out to explore new opportunities and find things that make you happy. This makes you happier to work harder in your career and personal life.


“Never say that you can’t do something, or that something seems impossible, or that something can’t be done, no matter how discouraging or harrowing it may be; human beings are limited only by what we allow ourselves to be limited by: our own minds. We are each the masters of our own reality; when we become self-aware to this: absolutely anything in the world is possible.

Master yourself, and become king of the world around you. Let no odds, chastisement, exile, doubt, fear, or ANY mental virii prevent you from accomplishing your dreams. Never be a victim of life; be it’s conqueror.”
Mike Norton

Hope you guys are having an awesome week.

Crocheted items

Fingerless gloves or wrist warmers

I completed my first custom order last week. which as a really big blanket. so I didn’t want to start another blanket, instead I started a small project to get ready for the upcoming winter. It is already pretty chilly here. I thought it will be really nice to have a collection of fingerless gloves in all colors.

Photo Oct 26, 10 09 02 AM

This is probably the fastest project ever. The pattern is pretty straight forward and is available here for free. I could actually make two pairs in one night.

Photo Oct 26, 10 08 45 AM


Caron simply soft yarn

Lavender blue

and light country peach

5 mm hook

Photo Oct 26, 9 40 32 AM

Finished dimensions: 6.5” circumference and 8” in height

Changes you could make to the pattern: you could potentially play around with the colors and make stripes and make add-ons like little hearts and owls and stitch them to the front side of the glove.

These are cute little ones with no changes.

Photo Oct 26, 9 41 38 AM

And are now available on etsy here

Share your small project stories with me. Thanks for stopping by.