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A New Name

Hey there Crafters,

Its been a while since I posted on here, it has only been because I have been working on creating something better for A Nerdy Crocheter.

ANC has become so much more than just crochet, it was time to move forward to something bigger.

I present to you ‘Handmade Over Coffee’. visit .

Cofffee o'clock! (2).jpg

I cant believe how far ANC has come in the past 5 years, Yes it has been more than 5 years since I started my first etsy store (wipes a tear drop ;)).

I hope to add more color with a more minimal look for the website. So many more exciting bags and fabrics to experiment with. Cant stop learning.

Can’t wait for you to check it out.

HOC logo (1).v1.cropped.jpg

Have a super dooper crafty weekend.





Sewing ventures

Key Fobs

So many new things going on here at ANC Bags.

This year, I am introducing fabric key fobs. These are super cute key rings fabric wristlets. I love making them so much and have a whole range of them coming up in different fabrics.

Get them soon before your favorite fabrics are sold out.


Hop on over to my etsy or madeit store and always get free shipping.

Did you know if you signed up for my newsletter you will instantly get a 10% off coupon. Click here to sign up now.

Let’s bring in a little color into our lives.

Have a great crafty weekend.


related (or unrelated) stories, Sewing ventures

New Year goals and trellis bags

Half way through 2016 I started setting up SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound). I set up my dream life, 5 year goals, annual, quarterly, monthly and daily goals. I have to say it has worked really well so far. It has given me the clarity I needed to see where my small teeny-tiny business is headed.  So for this new year, I have some ambitious goals that I plan to work towards each day both in my professional and personal lives. Do you set goals each year and has it worked for you?


Some of the incredible habits I have installed in this last year is journaling, daily planning, and  5 mins of french learning each day. I do not start my day without it and it definitely has helped me accomplish a lot during busy times and keep up with all the errands and activities.

To start of this new year on a productive note, I have these beauties available on the store. I am absolutely in love with Trellis patterns and spotlight has them in these bright and vivid colors. Check them out in my madeit and etsy stores now!!

Here is the link to this bag listed in the madeit and etsy store!
Here is the link to the bag listed on the madeit and etsy stores!
Here are the links listed to the bag on the madeit and etsy store

Have a very crafty weekend

related (or unrelated) stories

To imagine is everything

With increasingly frequent trips to the hobby store (mainly for replenishing my yarn stock ;)), I can’t help but think how hobbies are important to maintain our sanity. They keep stress at bay and allow you to enjoy your work more.

Since childhood, I would always be engaged in various hobbies with my friends, be it games, learning, dancing or singing, and still managed to get homework done. As time goes on things like homework, and career take over. It becomes increasingly difficult to find time to do things you enjoy and for your loved ones, your friends and family.

You don’t have to compromise on work schedules to make time for hobbies. Just when there is an hour before you go to bed, write a journal. Or over the weekend, cook lavishly. Here are some hobby ideas, that worked for me, you could try to live life a little.

  • Cooking – Cooking always tops my chart for hobby ideas. Although you may cook on an everyday basis, cooking at leisure is always a wonderful experience.

Try your hand at a new recipe this weekend and see how it turns out. More often than not, it will be appreciated.

  • Crafts – With my growing interest in crochet, crafts like knitting and crocheting have come to my attention. I wonder sometimes how my life was before crocheting. It has this calming effect and helps me create these beautiful things while watching tv.

Try your hand at a new craft and see what you can create. I never thought I could handle a crochet hook. And I know I can’t paint at all. There’s no harm in trying, nobody needs to know.

  • Exercising – Physical activity in various forms has become very popular in recent times. The health benefits for exercising are endless. Risks for many diseases, including laziness ;), can be reduced greatly by just going out for a brisk walk in the evening.

Try going for a walk with your family once in the week. Gym doesn’t need to be boring. You can try Zumba, aerobics and yoga. There are so many options out there. Try them and see what fits you. Since I love dancing, I loved my zumba classes since day 1.

  • Reading – So here is my “Law of reading a novel”, as the work load increases, the chances of touching a novel decreases and the want to read novels during the exams increases exponentially.

This weekend, wake up early, with the morning coffee in your hand take the book you have wanted to read and start. There is nothing more enjoyable than a good read with a cup of coffee.

  • Write – If you like writing, start writing a journal/ a more public blog. Pen down your feelings. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. You don’t have to do it every day. Just write when you have a mood to. You can also start a scrapbook. There are so many stores out there which have beautiful accessories for scrapbook-ing. Check them out.

I have been trying to do this since forever, but I need to get more regular at it.

There is never going to be time for things that you love doing, unless you plan your time and keep most part of your time for work but don’t forget to include your hobbies. There are so many other hobby options out there you could try such as, photography, gardening, the list can go on. You can always make time. Hobbies let your mind refresh and lets you enjoy work more. It also teaches you to prioritize and use time efficiently.

Share your hobby ideas with me. How did your hobby help you? Thank you so much for stopping by.