Knitting projects

Lace Knitted scarf

To challenge myself a little I started lace knitting in this scarf for a friend.

The pattern is super simple and easy to memorize.It is a free pattern and has a chart with it which turns out is far easier to follow for lace knitting. You can find free pattern for this scarf here. I just didn’t put in the nupp stitches.




It took me a little over 3 months to make this super long scarf. But I am so happy with the end product. It is completely worth the time. And the yarn is gorgeous.

I used Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace yarn for this and changed colors at the end of each skein.


Hope you are having a super crafty weekend..



Knitting projects

Lace Knitted Scarf

I am in love with Lace knitting right now and this has been an ongoing project for quite a while.

This is a free pattern by PurlSoho and it is called the wedding shawl. It is super nice. I like that it was challenging as a beginner  to lace knitting initially but after a few repeats I could memorize it.



Alpaca with a Twist Socrates fingering weight yarn

Size 2 circular knitting needles.


This needed a nice blocking session to show off all the lace.


Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Knitting projects

Lace knitted scarf

This is my first lace knitting project ever. I loved knitting an intricate pattern. It is amazing to see the difference blocking makes on lacy patterns.


This pattern is available on ravelry.  I modified the pattern a little bit and knitted (even if it said purl) through on the right side and purled through the wrong side. It made my life easier so I could knit while watching television. 😉



I used hand-dyed yarn I got from the local fiber festival.

A good yarn, superwash merino fingering weight yarn

US size 2 circular needles


Finished dimensions: after blocking 14”X 45”.



Have a great Halloween weekend!

Knitting projects

Gryffindor Scarf

Here is my next superfast knitted project. I made this scarf as a gift for my best friend for her birthday. I completed it last week but couldn’t post the details coz she follows me.

This is an awesome pattern. Super fast. so all the harry potter fans in the house, you can make it in any Hogwarts house color. . I didn’t have enough time to Cast on 70 stitches and knit in the round. Instead I CO45 and went back and forth with stripes in yellow and red. I made even-numbered row stripes so I didn’t have to cut the yarn and weave in the additional ends.

The tassels are 4” long.



Caron simply soft yarn, autumn red and sunshine.

Photo Aug 13, 9 20 33 AM

The Pictures are taken before I could weave in the ends and ship it.

Here is a sneak peek of my new custom request. it is the chevron pattern.

chevron wip

Have a great knitting week. Thank you for stopping by.

Crocheted items

Europa Scarf

As I said in my last post, once you start gifting your items to people it starts snowballing into so many occasions and gifts for people. As satisfying as it is, it led me to my next scarf project. It was my first venture in scarves and yarn. So far I have been working on thread and steel hooks. Now I have to use a large H hook (well, comparatively larger) and thicker yarn. The good thing about  this is that it works up pretty fast. You see the fabric building very soon.

For this project, I used a crochet pattern, Europa scarf. This pattern is freely available online. It is simple in that it needs only on color yarn (however, it can be modified by changing color threads for edges and different repeats) and makes a great gift.

Europa scarf from crochet patterns


Caron simply soft, ocean 9759 (one and one-half skein)

About 472 yards (315 yards/skein)

H hook (5mm)

For this filet scarf, I used 4-dc mesh and 6 repeats of the given motif. It also calls for edging using a picot stitch (which completes the design beautifully).  The only change I made to this was after every repeat I used a row (row 16) of treble stitch (which is Double Treble stitch in UK) open spaces. This makes the separation between the repeats look wider. Also since my filet crochets are generally wider, this row of tr stitch adds a little bit of length to it.

Finished Dimensions: 14 X 64 inches

The filet crochet repeat on the scarf

Pros of crocheting a scarf:

  1. Thicker thread: After crocheting doilies and table runners in size 10 crochet threads, crocheting using yarn feels really good you can see the fabric forming really fast.
  2. Width: Scarves can be of varying widths. But you cannot have a scarf that is too wide, it becomes closer to a shawl after that. Most importantly, it takes less time to do a single row as it takes only a few blocks in a row.
  3. Experiment with colors: Unlike a table runner/doilies which can restrict you to certain shades, scarves can be made in all different colors and can be matched with various dresses. They can be made for summer or winter. They can also be used as a wrap or a smaller shawl.

Hopefully this gift will reach its recipient soon. ( I promise I’ll ship it today).

Share your stories about crocheting scarves. Thank you for stopping by.