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Solid squares Crochet Blanket No. 4

This time I wanted to make a pixelly blanket I as trying to look for good color layouts. Finally played around with Word little bit and used this color arrangement. I really like the way the colors have turned out.

I used a join as you go, as I have in my previous blanket and this one, only this time I used two rounds of the color.



Caron Simply Soft yarn

Ocean, Blue Mint, Robin’s egg, Sunshine, Mango, and Pumpkin.


Finished Dimensions: 21 X 31”


This blanket is now available on etsy.


Have a colorful week everyone.

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Spring Solid Stripes Baby blanket No. 4

Alright! it seems like suddenly all I am doing is knitting these solid stripe blanket. This one is really special. It is a custom order who wanted to make a blanket that goes well with the decor of the nursery.

Photo May 12, 7 48 57 AM


It is so much fun to try new colors for edging. As her nursery has a nautical theme, we decided to have a turquoise trim. I hope she likes it.

Photo May 12, 7 48 44 AM

For this blanket I used:

Caron simply soft yarn in the colors of:

Grey heather, White, Autumn red, Pumpkin and Sunshine.

The edging is Blue mint to give it a nautical twist- One round of sc followed by one round of hdc.

I have used this pattern before and you can find them here. and another version in spring colors is available on etsy here.

Knitting projects

Spring Solid Stripes Baby blanket No. 3

Hello people,

This is the third blanket I am making in this pattern. It is a really simple pattern with some mindless knitting. Well not too mindless I made a couple mistakes on the way. You can check out the other two blankets I made in completely different color combinations- Midnight hues , in blues, and Verdant stripes, in greens and pink.

Photo Apr 19, 9 08 08 AM

The idea behind this pattern is this really easy garter stitch blanket. I used a modification of this pattern which was made beautifully here.

Photo Apr 19, 9 06 26 AM


Caron simply soft acrylic yarn in the colors of

Dark sage, Sage, Sunshine, Pumpkin and Autumn Red.

Finished dimensions: 24X31”


Changes to the pattern:


6 rows of garter stitch

K4 (K10 P10) till last 4 sts K4

(All wrong side rows are purl)

K4 P1 (K10 P10) till last 4 sts K4

Keep increasing by one Purl at the beginning of right side rows till there are 10 and then add knits till 10 and so on.

Last six rows garter st.


I did a four sts edging. I have done a separate crochet edging before and that looks awesome too. You can modify (Like I did from the pattern) to increase or decrease the size of the diagonal stripes by changing the number of sts in the repeat.

Photo Apr 15, 10 34 40 PM

This blanket is now available on etsy. I am off to work on the same pattern blanket #4 for a beautiful custom order.

What have you guys been up to! Also is spring here yet?







Crocheted items, Knitting projects

Fall Beauty! Can’t get enough of Chevron!

Here is the new blanket I promised to make in fall colors. I really can’t seem to get enough of the chevron pattern. It works up so quickly and gives a really nice gradient look. These colors are something I have been trying to put together for a while now. Finally stumbled onto Mango (caron simply soft) which was the perfect component in this gradient, with an awesome contrast of grey. Made these beautiful Fall colors come together.

Photo Nov 24, 11 59 02 AM

The blanket pattern is the same as in the last post.

Photo Nov 24, 11 59 20 AM


Caron simply soft;

White, sunshine, Mango, persimmon, grey heather.

Circular knitting needles

Crochet hook for edging

Photo Nov 24, 11 57 42 AM

Edging details: two rows of single crochet followed by reverse single crochet in white.

Finished dimensions: 23X31”

Photo Nov 24, 11 58 55 AM

This pretty blanket is now available on etsy here.

Share your chevron stories with me. Thanks for stopping by!

Crocheted items, Knitting projects

Knitted chevron blanket

Hello pretty people in my computer,

Hope you are doing well. Here is my latest project in knitting is this chevron blanket. It is a really simple and very beautiful pattern. The pattern is available here for free. The colors I chose here are basically a gradient of pink and a contrast of yellow. I have just added a pretty crocheted scalloped edging. I am definitely making this pattern again in other colors.

Photo Nov 16, 11 04 13 AM


Caron simply soft yarn on colors of sunshine, white, plum wine and soft pink.

circular knitting needles (US 8 size)

crochet hook 5 mm size H

Photo Nov 16, 11 04 01 AM

Finished dimensions: 23 X 33”

Edging: two rows of single crochet in white followed by scalloped edging in soft pink.

Photo Nov 16, 11 04 34 AM

Hope you enjoy this pretty blanket which is now available on Etsy.

Thanks you for stopping by. Hope you have a good day.