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Instagram giveaway

Have you heard about this giveaway yet?

I am going a yarn giveaway which ends on 2nd April. All you have to do is:

  1. Follow me on instagram @anerdycrocheter and
  2. Share the giveaway picture with your friends using the #anerdycrocheter.


Do this in you are in for the grand prize of , wait-for-it,

SIX SKEINS OF YARN!!! in gorgeous spring colors.

This is real indeed!!! Hop on over to instagram and enter the giveaway now.

The yarn is caron simply soft yarn in the colors – persimmon, pistachio,berry blue, mango, grape, and black.

Have a yarnilicious weekend. Good luck!


Crocheted items

May Wreath

In between blanket projects I was working on this cute little spring wreath. I have a wreath for the holidays and a winter wreath. I really wanted to change the tone to spring. I didn’t want to start a super big project just after having spent a lot of time on the winter wreath. So I bought a small wreath backbone from Michaels (for less than $3.00), pearl pins and crocheted in bright colors to represent spring. Adding the flowers really completed it. I think I’ll eventually add more flowers and birds to this to give it a fuller look.


The pattern for this wreath is available for free from the lovely attic 24. Lucy, from attic24, also has great tutorials for the flowers and leaves. You can spend hours looking at her site. So pretty and colorful work.


Hope you are also having a lovely colorful and bright weekend. Happy crocheting!

Crocheted items

Crochet 3D squares Blanket

Here is what I have been working on for a long time. I have had this project in progress since last November. I know we all have projects snoozing around. But I usually have only one or two projects (I know I am kinda crazy like that). Unfinished projects drive me crazy and I have to get them done as soon as possible or if I don’t like it, it has to be frogged.


This one was awesome but I had quite a few colors to work with. So it took me a while to get the colors together and get a chart so I knew which one went where. I really like how it turned out. It was worth the wait. This blanket is for a dear friend and she got the yarn and colors and I have to say it was awesome. The yarn is 100% wool and the colors are really nice and go well together. Here is the link to the pattern. I really enjoyed working on this pattern (with this yarn, it was a really nice winter project). The blanket is soft and warm and thick.



Nature soft yarn in the following colors:

Blues: Blue Fog, Winter Blue, Nordic Blue

Charcoal Gray, Natural and Grecian Olive Green

Sunburst Gold, French Clay, Burnt Sienna, Brick Road


Finished dimensions: 25X32”


This blanket is now going home as a gift to her. Hope she likes it.

Crocheted items

Neon squares!

Hello People! Happy holidays to you. And hope you are having the most wonderful time of the year!! The best thing about this time of the year for me is gift of time to work on projects and traveling that you can do. Thankfully the winter hasn’t been too bad to hold us indoors all week. So I was able to make some progress in a couple of projects in the last few days.

I got this amazing neon yarn on sale and have been loving working on them. These bright hues are amazing to work in the night (except for joining, which i did in black).


This pattern is great for beginner crochet, not only do you not have to count the stitches, but you can try different types of joining and colors. Here is the link for the pattern. I have used this joining method in my earlier shaded circles blanket. They are joined by tight joining method but I went around with a double crochet in a continuous join-as-you-go method.



caron simply soft yarn – neon pink, neon yellow, neon coral and grape.

Joining is with black yarn.

Edging. I did one round of double crochet and one round of  reverse single crochet for edging.


Completed dimensions: 26 X 41”



This blanket is now available on etsy.

Hope you have a great time with family and enjoy your holidays!

related (or unrelated) stories

Crochet journal Update

Hello people,I have updated the ‘Crochet journal’ page and have inserted the link for pdf version of template.

You can click on this image to download it right here

Crochet Catalogue This pretty much includes all the information you need regarding the project!


you can find it here at the bottom of this blog post along with other details:

Crochet journal

Enjoy crocheting. Thanks for stopping by.