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Fingerless gloves or wrist warmers

I completed my first custom order last week. which as a really big blanket. so I didn’t want to start another blanket, instead I started a small project to get ready for the upcoming winter. It is already pretty chilly here. I thought it will be really nice to have a collection of fingerless gloves in all colors.

Photo Oct 26, 10 09 02 AM

This is probably the fastest project ever. The pattern is pretty straight forward and is available here for free. I could actually make two pairs in one night.

Photo Oct 26, 10 08 45 AM


Caron simply soft yarn

Lavender blue

and light country peach

5 mm hook

Photo Oct 26, 9 40 32 AM

Finished dimensions: 6.5” circumference and 8” in height

Changes you could make to the pattern: you could potentially play around with the colors and make stripes and make add-ons like little hearts and owls and stitch them to the front side of the glove.

These are cute little ones with no changes.

Photo Oct 26, 9 41 38 AM

And are now available on etsy here

Share your small project stories with me. Thanks for stopping by.


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