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Join as you go tutorial

I use join-as-you-go (JAYG) on almost all square and hexagon blankets that I’ve ever made.

If you want to join all the motifs together with one color yarn at the end, you can use a continuous join as you go method. The tutorial for this is available here for granny squares or Hexagons by the amazing CypressTextiles. You need to get all the motifs made and set for joining.

If you want to join the motifs as you go, you can use any joining method. There are many available online. The one that I use here has a little twist in the join and looks braided. You can do this for both solid hexagons and squares.

Solid Hexagon JAYG joining:

Make the first solid hexagon (pattern here). Start making the second solid. As you reach the last round, you have to start joining.

1. Remove loop from the hook

2. Insert hook into the corner space of the grey hexagon.

3. Pick up the loop from under the space and double crochet into the space of the yellow hexagon.IMG_3025IMG_3026IMG_3028IMG_3029IMG_3030IMG_3031

4. Remove loop from the hook and hook through the next double crochet of the grey hexagon. Pull the loop through. Now double crochet into the yellow hexagon. Repeat till the end.

This dropping of the loop and picking it back up gives joining the twisted look.

JAYG Granny hexagons:

The pattern for making sunburst hexagons is available here.

Follow the JAYG protocol the same way, but this time drop the hook only every third double crochet.


Have a great CROCHET-ful Weekend!!

Crocheted items

Shaded Circles crochet blanket

Hello fellow crocheters in the house!

I haven’t forgotten how to crochet. I know I have been knitting for a while now but crocheting is the really as much fun if not more. This project is super awesome. It is a free pattern.

I used a joining method I haven’t tried before for this blanket. I used the tight join method which is this one.

I am really pleased the way this has turned out, as I had to frog it a couple times the joining didn’t look perfect.



Caron simply soft Off white, Light country peach, pumpkin and grape.

I made 8 circles of grape and 9 circles of the other colors. and placed them randomly. I framed them with off white to make them into a square (like in the pattern). Then I added a round of single crochet. Then I started joining them. They are joined by tight joining method but I went around with a half double crochet stitch in a continuous join-as-you-go method.

in progress

Edging: I framed this blanket with reverse single crochet edging which goes really well with the tight joining twists.


Photo Sep 14, 9 18 00 AM

Have a great sunday!! Thanks for stopping by.

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Silent Sage

Believe it or not, I am actually going backwards in my crochet experience starting from a more challenging filet crochet to a classic granny square blanket. I am literally SCARED to start a granny square motif blanket with the thought that the motifs are not going to align together because of varied tension and the blanket is going to look weird. But will cross the bridge when we come to it.

Here goes the classic granny square blanket that turned out beautiful in shades of  green for Spring. The project was awesome to work on. It grows really fast and the colors that could be experimented on this is endless. The pattern is pretty simple, with adjustable size, and modifiable colors.




Caron simply soft – white, sage and soft green. 1 skein for white and sage and 1.5 skeins for soft green.

G hook (4.25mm)

Finished dimensions – 34 inches each side.

edging – one round of double crochet with white followed by one round of single crochet with sage.


Share your experiences of crocheting basic granny square with me. Thanks for stopping by.


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Crocheted items

Rippling Tides

This project is continuation of Blushing ripples in that it is a little baby boy version of it. I wanted to try the ripple stitch. There are a million versions of it and this one was pretty straight forward. It’s by Attic 24. The width of the blanket could be adjusted to you needs. I made one for a baby blanket. This is an experiment with Teal and grey. I think it worked out beautifully. The brightness of the teal and the laid-back grey. I am getting a hang of color co-ordination now. Will keep working on it.

This is a really gorgeous blanket/throw ideal for having your morning coffee with a Harry potter in your hand 😉 Bliss!!


An in progress picture of Rippling Tides
An in progress picture of Rippling Tides

Materials –

Caron Simply soft yarn

1. white (2 skeins)

2. Grey heather  (1.2 skeins)

Red heart soft yarn – Teal (1.2 skein)

4.25 mm hook (G)


Finished dimensions – 32X52”

Row arrangement – 3 rows of each color (White-Grey-White-Teal)

Edging – one row of single crochet white and one row of double crochet with teal.

Guess what, I couldn’t get away without making a sleepy owl with these beautiful colors.


Crocheted items

Sparkling Star

This project is really special! I used cotton yarn bought from a local yarn store. It is so much softer than the regular acrylic yarn, but expensive. I thought of using these colors for two different projects (as doilies) but combined then and ended up making a big one as a throw.

The pattern for this project is available on Ravelry here. The pattern is really simple and allows for manipulation of color combinations. It works up really quickly. The awesomeness about this star-shaped pattern is that the afghan grows to the needed size. It is not the traditional rectangle for a blanket but can be a really beautiful baby blanket or a throw. It allows almost all color combinations to work well. It also is great for rugs and doilies.



Yarn type: Berroco Weekend, 2 sk of white and one each of blue and rust-colored yarn.
The yarn is 25% cotton and 75% acrylic.

Hook size G (4.25 mm).

Finished dimensions: Point-to-point : 36” and Dip-to-dip: 28″.



Modifications to the pattern: I didn’t follow the pattern for the each color, as my colors are not a gradient but contrasts. I wanted see how these contrasting colors played out.

Instagram picture of sparkling star
Instagram picture of sparkling star

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Share your stories of making a star/ circular blankets. Thanks for stopping by.