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Join as you go tutorial

I use join-as-you-go (JAYG) on almost all square and hexagon blankets that I’ve ever made.

If you want to join all the motifs together with one color yarn at the end, you can use a continuous join as you go method. The tutorial for this is available here for granny squares or Hexagons by the amazing CypressTextiles. You need to get all the motifs made and set for joining.

If you want to join the motifs as you go, you can use any joining method. There are many available online. The one that I use here has a little twist in the join and looks braided. You can do this for both solid hexagons and squares.

Solid Hexagon JAYG joining:

Make the first solid hexagon (pattern here). Start making the second solid. As you reach the last round, you have to start joining.

1. Remove loop from the hook

2. Insert hook into the corner space of the grey hexagon.

3. Pick up the loop from under the space and double crochet into the space of the yellow hexagon.IMG_3025IMG_3026IMG_3028IMG_3029IMG_3030IMG_3031

4. Remove loop from the hook and hook through the next double crochet of the grey hexagon. Pull the loop through. Now double crochet into the yellow hexagon. Repeat till the end.

This dropping of the loop and picking it back up gives joining the twisted look.

JAYG Granny hexagons:

The pattern for making sunburst hexagons is available here.

Follow the JAYG protocol the same way, but this time drop the hook only every third double crochet.


Have a great CROCHET-ful Weekend!!

Crocheted items

Sunburst Hexagon Blanket No. 3

Hello people,

Here is  my latest custom order sunburst Hexagon Granny Blanket that is in monochrome.


I have made this pattern two times before. In blues and browns, and in multiple colors. This is where you can find the pattern and here you can find the joining tutorial.


This custom order is one of four blankets in this color scheme. I love these colors together.


Caron simply soft yarn, White, grey heather, charcoal heather, and black.

Finished Dimensions: 32X39”


In the mean time, I have been busy going to a local fiber festival and bought some yarn to pet and adore.

And guess what today is, It is my three-year blogging anniversary!!! I can’t believe it has been three beautiful years. I could not do this without the support of my family, friends and all of you for the motivation, beautiful inspiring comments that keeps me going. Thank you so much for you support!


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Sunburst Hexagon Blanket No. 2

Hi there,

I have been wanting to try this color combination for a while and I love it. It slightly out of my comfort zone but still can blend in really well. Let me know what you think. I have made this blanket before, check-it-out.

So this blanket is a result of a number of patterns

1. Pattern for the actual sunburst hexagons can be found here. This is a free pattern and is super easy. you can use scrap yarn or play with colors on this one.

2. Joining – I used a continuous join as you go method for hexagon blankets. A tutorial for which can be found here. I love using continuous join as you go for the twists between the hexagons. So pretty.

3. Edging – I squared of the edges before doing a border by doing half hexagons on one side and just long stitches on the other. The border itself 2 rounds of granny stitch. One round of 1sc ch2 in blue. One round of granny. One round of 1sc ch2 in maize and one round of granny stitch.


I used three yarn shades for each colors to give a  gradient effect


Caron simply soft yarn

Soft Blue, Cobalt Blue and Ocean

Chocolate, Autumn maize, and off white

Crochet Hook US G 4.25mm

Finished dimensions: 23” X 31”


Hope you like this blanket which is now available on etsy. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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Crochet 3D squares Blanket

Here is what I have been working on for a long time. I have had this project in progress since last November. I know we all have projects snoozing around. But I usually have only one or two projects (I know I am kinda crazy like that). Unfinished projects drive me crazy and I have to get them done as soon as possible or if I don’t like it, it has to be frogged.


This one was awesome but I had quite a few colors to work with. So it took me a while to get the colors together and get a chart so I knew which one went where. I really like how it turned out. It was worth the wait. This blanket is for a dear friend and she got the yarn and colors and I have to say it was awesome. The yarn is 100% wool and the colors are really nice and go well together. Here is the link to the pattern. I really enjoyed working on this pattern (with this yarn, it was a really nice winter project). The blanket is soft and warm and thick.



Nature soft yarn in the following colors:

Blues: Blue Fog, Winter Blue, Nordic Blue

Charcoal Gray, Natural and Grecian Olive Green

Sunburst Gold, French Clay, Burnt Sienna, Brick Road


Finished dimensions: 25X32”


This blanket is now going home as a gift to her. Hope she likes it.

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Sunburst hexagon blanket

All of last week I have been working on this pretty, colorful and fun granny sunburst hexagon baby blanket.



This is so addictive and too much fun. I couldn’t put it down once I started making the circles. And you don’t have to do the flowers in gradients of colors you can do it using scrap yarn. There is so much room to play around with colors here. and they blend really well. I have used this pattern before as sunburst squares but sunburst hexagons are super duper fun. I even made halves to square off the edges.

Here is a link to the hexagon pattern. and here is the continuous-join-as-you-go-hexagon joining method I used for this. Absolutely adore the little twists between the hexies!!!


Caron simply soft yarn –

pinks (fuchsia, watermelon, soft pink)

blues(ocean, blue mint, soft blue)

purples (passion, grape, orchid)

greens (dark sage, kelly green, limelight)

yellows (autumn red, mango, sunshine)


These little beauties were joined with white.

Finished dimensions: 23X25”

This blanket is now available on etsy.