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Crochet Hearts Miniblanket

Here is my crochet Mini blanket. This is a small sized blanket which is good for baby shower gifts as a new born blankets and security blanket for toddlers.

This blanket pattern is one of my favorites and have made it a number of times before. I usually use a gradient of colors for this pattern in the background of white or off-white. Check out  some of the other blankets in this pattern here in pink and here in blue.



Caron simply soft yarn in orchid, grape, white.

Finished dimensions: 16X19”


This blanket is now available on etsy. Have a great weekend everyone.

Crocheted items

Crochet solid squares blanket No.2

Here is the third blanket in monochrome series.

This is a quick crochet pattern. For this I used white and three shades of grey. I took this project with me while I was traveling and it was so convenient because you can join the squares later. I made the little squares with the first three rounds and joined them while doing the fourth round.

Photo Jun 18, 8 40 59 AM

The most interesting part of this project is I used Random granny square generator (which I highly recommend for such projects). Here is a snapshot of what mine looked like.

So I really followed this arrangement mainly because I am not that good with random.

I have used this pattern before using neon colors. This time I used joining as you go instead of the continuous-join-as-you-go (CJAYG) that  I have used before.

The CJAYG uses the same yarn color to join all squares while the JAYG method you join the squares as you make them in their last rounds.



Caron simply soft, white, grey heather, charcoal heather and black.

Finished dimensions :32X39”


I loved making this Custom blanket. Now onto the last one of the series.


Knitting projects

Knitted chevron blanket no. 6

As I talked about in my last blog post, My latest custom order is monochrome blanket but a all the different patterns possible. It is so wonderful to work on.


I have made this blanket in a number of colors before (neutrals, pink and teal)  and love this pattern which is super easy and fast to work on.


Colors: Caron simply soft yarn,

White, grey heather, charcoal heather, and black.



Since I have been out for a while, I have been working on my 3rd of four monochrome blanket set. It is coming up soon. 🙂

Knitting projects

Knitted stripes Baby blanket No. 3

Here is my latest knitted stripes baby blanket in gender neutral colors. I love these colors together with the mild green and the pop of purple.

I used the random stripe generator for this. I really like it as a tool to see how the colors go together. I frequently play around with it for color inspirations and to get a visual of the blanket.


Here is the link to the pattern. I have made two such blankets earlier in yellow and grey and blue and red. I do really enjoy this pattern and with the updates in it, it looks even better. However, blocking is essential for this blanket to really show the stitches.



Caron simply soft yarn in the colors White, Soft Green, Sage, and Grape.

Circular needles

Finished dimensions: 25X35”


I did not add a separate edging other than the 6 stitch garter as border.


This blanket is now available on etsy.

Share what you have been working on. Have an awesome week.

Crocheted items, related (or unrelated) stories

Mother’s day and latest hearts blanket

I might have told you a number of times already but to reiterate on this special day, my mother taught me all about crochet and knitting. So for this mother’s day, I would like to thank her for helping me find my passion in crochet and knitting and inspiring me with beautiful ideas. I know most people must feel lucky to have their mothers and i do too. She is amazing and the best human being I know. Selfless, caring, loving, patient, passionate and crafty person. Apart from knitting and crochet she sews, quilts and does a lot of embroidery. I guess owe her for my crafty genes (PS she is way more crafty than I am)

My latest project was for a soon-to-be mother to a baby boy. I made complimentary baby hat for the newborn. I love this pattern and have used it before a number of times in blue, and pink. This pattern is super quick and lovely to work with. The only change I made this time is to make complete hearts at the ends (than the half-hearts as the pattern suggests).

File May 10, 11 20 54 AM

Here is the link to the free Swirl Hat pattern on ravelry. It is superfast and a lot of fun. I am currently making a ton of these in every possible color.

File May 10, 11 21 29 AMHappy mothers day to all the mom’s out there. Thank you for everything that you do. Have a great one.