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Solid Squares blanket No. 3

Here is my latest ultra soft blanket.

I made this using Redheart Unforgettable boutique yarn. Being variegated, I liked the way they got crocheted into squares. The pattern is super simple and I’d highly recommend it for a beginner crocheter and also if you want to try out different colors. I really liked the way the colors played out using this yarn. The yarn is single ply, I tried knitting with it but that did not go very well. I loved the way it crocheted.


Here is the link to the pattern and I used the join-as-you-go for joining. And these are the two other blankets I’ve made before in different colors. This one uses join as you go technique for joining, while this one uses continuous-join-as-you-go technique for joining.



RedHeart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in the following colors:

Candied, Tidal and cappuccino

US size G Crochet hook.


I did the squares with 4 rounds and joining them in the last round. I alternated each color and staggered them through the rows. I have 6 squares in each row and 8 rows.

Finished Dimensions: 28X34”


This blanket is available on etsy.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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