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My First Crochet Experience

I am a graduate student who has recently developed a passion for crocheting. My mother is an extremely talented artist loves to create beautiful designs by sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidering. She tried to get me involved in these crafts when I was a teenager but I never pursued it at that time. Recently when I visited her, I don’t know what came into me when I told her to teach me how to start a crochet project. She was elated (more shocked at first) by the request. Quickly, she opened her amazing Stitchcraft magazine collection (from 1969 and earlier) and showed me some very interesting crochet projects. That evening we went to the local thread store, got the thread to get me started. When we reached home, she opened me to this world of crochet, stitches and hooks. She thought may be this was a transient phase (seeing so much interest, generally, I am going to put it away once I get back to work and regular schedule). But this time it stuck and the first project transformed into this beautiful filet crochet tray cloth (this one is for you mom). Now, I can’t seem to let go of a crochet project that I start. I feel like getting back home and finishing it. Most of all, crocheting brings me the much-needed peace and calm of mind at the end of the day. So here’s my first crochet story.

I chose a simple shape for my first filet crochet, Rectangle!  Meaning all rows have same number of blocks. In filet crochet a block can be an open space or a closed block. For this pattern, I used a 4-dc mesh, i.e. each closed block is composed of 4 double crochet stitches (dc) and the 4th dc is the first dc of the next block. Each open space is the first dc and two chains (2ch) and one dc (which is the first dc for the next block/space).

The cream part of the table runner


Size 10 crochet thread in two colors – cream and olive green

350 yards each

0.95mm crochet hook

Vintage filet crochet table runner

Tips for filet crochet:

  1. The color of the thread: It is better to use a light-colored thread (cream, white and pastels). This enhances the design. The above design was made in two contrasting colors (dark olive-green and cream) but the design is seen well in the lighter shade. However, depending on its use, like a scarf, darker colors may be used.
  2. The mesh size: Generally, filet crochet looks wider than the graph using a 4-dc mesh. You need to maintain the right tension to have the right look. I read a couple of blogs and tips that suggest the use of 3-dc mesh or a treble crochet (tr) instead to add length and compensate for the width.
  3. A great way to learn crochet: Filet crochet doesn’t have a too many different kinds of stitches involved (although you can introduce variations). So if you want to learn chain, double crochet and treble crochet stitches, this helps you adjust with hooks-holding positions and you can see a beautiful fabric forming as time passes. The fabric created can be shaped to form loads of different products such as table runners, coasters, bed spreads, cushion covers, scarves etc.

Let me know about your first crochet experience, and your tips on filet crocheting. Thank you for stopping by.


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