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I named it so because it really brings me the much-needed peace and calmness every time. This project happened for mother’s day. I wanted to make little motifs to make them a part of a card for my mom. However, I thought I should make the complete doily and more such motifs that complement the doily as coasters. I really liked this pattern as it consists of close stitches which make the doily firm and the stitches stay in place.

Doilies make excellent center pieces for coffee tables or dining tables. These can also be used at the base of a vase or some antique artifact on the table. The color and material (glass/wood) of the table will greatly determine the color thread to be used for the doily. Typically, pastels are used as the details of the pattern are enhanced in a darker background of wood. However, other darker colors can be used for edging and some other rows for highlighting them (in this case I did the 4-dc popcorn rows in a different color). I had some shaded purple thread left since my Beautiful bird filet project which I could use to make a complete doily and 4 coasters.

The pattern for this elegant doily came from the book, Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen and Leisure Arts, which is a wonderful collection of doily patterns. This one is the Pineapple Wheel.

Tranquility WIP
This was when the doily was in progress. In order to make the coasters I just added a couple more rows to this motif.




Aunt Lydia’s Classic crochet thread size 10 (Cream)

1 skein, 350 yards

Some shaded purples for few rows (did it with left over thread from a previous project)

1.5mm steel hook







A doily of firsts:

  1. Changing colors: This was the first time I encountered changing colors of thread. For that, I simply took a loop of a different color thread through the loop of the existing color. When I need to use the other color again in the next couple of rounds, I did not fasten off the threads but I used them from the previous row. This made it really easy to change colors for every row. When I was one using that color thread, I left a long (about 6 inches) tail of the thread and fastened them off the last thing before finishing. It is a little bit of a hassle to keep changing colors after every row, but the results are beautiful. This is commonly used while crocheting Afghans and throws.
  2. Pineapples: I loved working this doily as it had these firm stitches which kept them in place. The pineapples made of 3-dc popcorn, turned out to be really firm and neat. This stitch also gives the doily a nice 3-Dimensional feel and looks very delicate at the same time.
  3. Doily and its coasters: This is the first time I made a doily. Moreover it is a first time I made little motifs that I think will look great as coasters. I haven’t come across this idea before but I think it is nice to complement a doily with 4 coasters. This may be easier to do for a round or square doily but may not apply for shapes like oval.
Completed Tranquility

I think doilies make not only great decorations for the house but also great gifts. Even if there are any spills or stains, these cotton doilies can be hand washed and blocked to retain their shape and size.

Doily and its coasters

Share your doily crocheting experiences with me, and if you liked the idea of making little coasters for big doilies. Thank you so much for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “Tranquility”

  1. the doily and coasters are very nice and the colors are simply great!!!!!!!
    Three cheers to Pooja to do more and more intricate crochet works!!!!!!!!

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