Knitting projects

Staggered Chevron knitted blanket No. 2


Tomorrow is hump day but not here at ANC HQ. Everyday is fun-filled. I usually post my completed beauties on the weekends but I could not wait till the end of the week to share this with you. If you follow me on instagram (@anerdycrocheter, wink wink), I have been sharing progress shots of this blanket. I love this pattern which is available for free on ravelry.  It is super fast to make. I have made this before in shades of blue and wanted to make it in baby girl colors this time. I think this pattern looks best when there is one contrast and gradient of a color (at least three shades of one color). It really blends well and the contrast pops out nicely.



Caron simply soft,

off-white, limelight, soft pink, watermelon and fuchsia.


Finished dimensions: 27X30”

Edging: one round of double crochet in ivory.

Have a great rest of the week!!!

Knitting projects

Textured Stripes Knitted blanket No. 2

This is another blanket from the open star knitted blanket pattern, in different colors. I absolutely adore the pattern. I am really liking the green as a contrast to the bright pink gradient here.


The color arrangement for this pattern is as follows:

White, Soft Pink, watermelon, Fuchsia, Chartreuse. (Caron Simply soft yarn)

I went in this order, but did the textured stitch for every third row.

CO124 for this blanket


Finished dimension: 25X34”

Edging: 5sts garter stitch on each side.

This blanket is now available on etsy.

Knitting projects

Knitted Chevron Baby Blanket No. 4

Hello wonderful people in my computer,

Here is the latest custom chevron blanket that I’ve been working on. Here is the pattern and links to the other blankets I’ve worked on in this pattern.

1. custom (grey and lavender)

2. Fall beauty

3. Pink and Yellow


Materials: Caron simply soft yarn

white, watermelon, soft pink and blue mint.

Edging is a scalloped edging.


Now there is a Mandala frenzy here at A Nerdy Crocheter’s house!!

Have a great weekend.